An introductory first post.

I must have restarted this post about 3 times now so to put it briefly, here’s an introduction. Now I could do a formal introduction and give you the basics of me and my life, but that’s boring. As this is a fashion blog, I thought it would be more suitable and entertaining for me to give an introduction to my own personal style, so here’s a few little things I can’t resist when it comes to fashion.

1, Colour is everything.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved dressing in bright colours. I believe that if you want to have a good day, then you should start off in the morning with an outfit that makes you happy. Everyone has their favourite top they just love wearing, but for me there’s nothing that make’s my 9am morning a bit brighter than a literal, bright yellow turtleneck.

 2. Striped tops. 

One thing I love about Parisian style is their attitude towards basic items of clothing, especially a good old striped t-shirt. A woman could walk down the street in a ensemble of basic jeans, some kitten heels or even Converse, topped with a stripey t-shirt and heads will turn at her. There’s something so chic about a stripey top, how it pairs with just about everything and it’s ability to just make you look so… put together, with just a t-shirt!

3. Jewellery, especially earrings!

Everyone knows that jewellery is the key item to compliment and complete your outfit. Just adding that final touch can make you 100% ready to face the day, knowing you put that little bit of extra effort in this morning when getting ready. If you know me, you know I put my pride and joy in my quirky earring collection. I’m not that much of a make-up kinda gal, usually its just some mascara and filling in my eyebrows as I’m leaving the door, but I can assure you I never leave without earrings in, and if by chance I do, I either walk back or even carry some spare in my bag. Earrings are just my thing okay!

4. just keep layering… with scarves.
One thing I really admire about this time of the year is how much more outfit potential there is, and how you can wear more of your favourite pieces at the together. My go-to outfit would typically be a t-shirt tucked neatly into one of my skirts, combined with tights or knee high socks (typically socks because I actually hate tights, and there’s nothing worse than getting a ladder in your tights when you’re not going to be home for a few hours), shoes and a bag. Now when it comes to this time of the year, I like to add a nice chunky cardigan (especially my striped cardigan that goes down to my knees and makes me feel extra tall), a good jacket, and even if that won’t cover me then I’ll shot a coat on over that, topped with nothing better than a good, staple piece that is a scarf.

5. I do appreciate a good floral print. 

I’ve always been a big fan of florals. Like I said about colour, Floral prints can often add a bit of emphasis and fun to your outfit. Take my favourite pair of jeans for instance: without the embroidered flowers they would simply be just some mom jeans from Topshop, nothing interesting, just a dark wash jean. However, add the flowers and you instantly have a staple piece. The flowers drag attention, follow the pattern and you will start off at the root (the knee), then go all the way around to the back of the hip where more of them bloom. Floral print in itself is a great pattern that doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull off. You could wear anything with say a floral t-shirt and you’ll look that little bit more put together.

Well I hope you enjoyed this first post, I aim to write a new post once every week, so thank you for your time this week! X






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