September fashion favourites


I believe September was quite a good month for fashion, as it is every year. So much happens during this time where I find that my outfits tend to get a lot of influence from. To start off with, I was back at college for my second year, reminding myself that I can’t just walk into my lessons in my pajamas that I had been hibernating in for all of the summer. Then my birthday came around which gave me the opportunity to invest in some pretty funky clothes, if I do say so myself. For my birthday also, my wonderful boyfriend decided to book us a trip to London for the weekend, directly after fashion week where a lot of companies and places were still celebrating, so we had the chance to see some pretty cool things down in the Capital.

To start off with what I’ve worn the most during September are these culotte striped trousers from Stradivarius. If I’m being honest with you, these have been a favourite of mine for the entire time I’ve had them since I bought them in early August. Now it’s quite sad that it’s not (yet) socially acceptable for me to walk to college in my cozy pajama bottoms, but these trousers aren’t far off on the cozy side. The elasticated waist and light material is utterly perfect for the days where you just simply can’t be bothered, just shot these on and tuck a t-shirt or jumper into them and you’re good to go.


Following on from this, as it was my 18th birthday, I’ve been going out quite frequently lately and so I’ve been relying on the same skirt I got from Stradivarius to tick all the boxes for a perfect night out outfit. First off, it’s pvc, so the concern of anyone spilling their drink on you and ruining your clothes has gone right out the window (in fact, someone did spill their drink on me whilst I was wearing this, I didn’t get a drop on me as the drink literally just rolled down my skirt as if it was a pair of wellies), secondly, it’s red so it goes with basically any of my tops that I usually go out in, and thirdly, IT LOOKS SO GOOD. I can’t describe how much better an outfit looks when paired with this skirt, even something simple like a t-shirt. Just tuck it in and you already look 10/10.


The next piece that I’ve been loving is this gorgeous mustard coloured turtleneck. I actually picked this up from a charity shop, but the brand is actually a french brand by the name of Etienne Deroeux. What really stood out to me about this jumper was not just it’s bright colour, but how the knit of it is quite unusual in the way that the lines are on a diagonal, which I’m quite drawn to. This honestly goes with so many outfits, but I mainly pair it with the trousers I have just shown, or if it’s a bit warmer outside then I’ll pair it with a dark gray pinafore dress.


So since it was my birthday and I was in London the weekend after, I decided to buy a few things for myself with the money and gift cards I’d been given kindly from family and friends. Of course I took myself around Topshop whilst I was there and can I just say, I had a field day in their jewellery stalls. I picked up some quirky earrings which was Topshop’s own brand and a statement necklace from the 1970’s resold by a vintage stall. The peak of this splurge however, was a pair of thick, wide leg culottes in this gorgeous burnt red shade. Oh my, I haven’t stopped wearing these. They are the type of item where you’re unsure as to whether you will actually wear them or not, but when you first try them on, you never want to take them off.


Continuing with the London trip, we made our way to Carnaby. As it was the end of London fashion week, that weekend was when Carnaby really peaked for it’s independent businesses. We got given many little leaflets, magazines, and even stickers, just to celebrate the importance of independent businesses and how far they have came. One place I was simply desperate to go to was Lazy Oaf. I see their items all the time on Instagram and ASOS, yet despite how madly in love I am with their designs, I’ve never actually bought anything from them. When I got in the store I was greeted by a lovely staff member, who I had a great conversation with about their style and their recent collaboration with Dr Martens. After he gave me a tour, he also said they give discount on items if it’s your birthday, so how could I resist! I found this absolutely adorable heart print t-shirt, the cabbage sleeves really did it for me. I have a serious thing for heart prints and so I knew this would fit in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe.


The next item I’m including is a dress I bought from the app Depop. I’d seen this floral print cami dress from one of Alexa Chung’s old collaborations with M&S from a few years ago. I was in need of just a simple, black dress, and as soon as I seen this floral ditsy floral print, I knew I had to get it. I’ve discovered that it’s a great transitional piece to move nicely from summer into autumn, as it works perfectly over the top of items such as t-shirts, turtlenecks, thin jumpers etc. I really like the length on this dress too, as it drops right at the knee so you don’t feel too bare or too covered up. This is one of those staple pieces that I know I’m going to keep in my wardrobe for a good while basically until it’s falling apart and I physically can no longer wear it.


This bucket bag… oh my word. I seen this bag when it first came out on Topshop’s website a few months ago and I can tell you now, it was love at first sight. The bag I carried with me throughout the most of spring and summer was a little red handbag from Primark with a cute little gold bee embellished onto the front clasp, however it just wouldn’t work with a lot of my autumn and winter clothes, so of course I invested in this beauty. Now the bag itself can actually fit quite a lot in it for a handbag, and I admire the fact that they included a zipper and a card slot on the inside, with a black waterproof material drawstring on top to keep your possessions safe and dry. This bag now goes everywhere with me and whenever I wear it, I always seem to get compliments on it no matter where I am or who I’m with.


Now as you may or may not know, I have a bit of a thing for bold earrings, specifically gold earrings. Now I know I’ve mentioned them a few times in this post, but one place I can always rely on specifically for some pretty cool jewellery is Topshop, and once again, they didn’t disappoint. I found this stunning black and gold asymmetric pair whilst I was wandering around on a students shopping night, so not only did I come out of the store with some funky earrings, but I got them at a discounted price too. I’ve worn these so many times over the past month and I keep pairing them with new outfits as an additional compliment. Overall, they’re just a great pair to add to my collection.


As it’s getting a bit colder now and it’s the perfect time to start layering, I’ve began to notice that I’ve been reaching for the same scarf over and over again. Now I’m quite collective when it comes to scarves, as I like to have a variety of fabrics, colours and fabrics to choose from. However, one scarf that I keep grabbing onto as I’m leaving the door is this thick wool, deep red vintage scarf. Now this may just be a plain red scarf, and no it doesn’t have any kind of fancy pattern or fabric to it, but it’s a classic and that’s why I like it. Sometimes I feel like a simple, block colour piece can actually look a lot better and chic then say a common tartan scarf with lots of wild colours on it. So this scarf has just been my finishing touch to most outfits in the past month.


I hope you enjoyed reading through my favourites of this past month! X


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