How I style midi skirts (even when it’s snowing!)

December is finally upon us and so that means 3 things; Christmas, freezing temperatures and celebrations. With these three factors in mind, it can come to a time in the midst of this month where you realise you have nothing left to wear. You need something you can rely on no matter what the weather, occasion or your mood: so here I’d suggest a midi skirt. They’re comfortable, longer than the average skirt and can be styled for any occasion. Here is how I’ve styled 3 different midi skirts for three different occasions that will hopefully give you some inspiration to enhance your winter wardrobe.

Here’s a picture from when it snowed for the first time this year, and my instant thought was ‘oh no, how am I going to stay warm today’. If you are in a similar situation to me and your nice jeans are in the wash, then I recommend a slightly longer midi skirt. This three tiered one I purchased a few months back from Primark done the trick quite well for me, as it also has a slip underneath it for that extra layer of warmth. The midi length (although this one is slightly longer on me) covers the majority of your legs, but for extra warmth, I simply put a pair of burgundy knee high socks on underneath for warmth and an additional pop of colour, however plain black tights would look cute too. The tiny white polka dots against the sheer black tiers make this style skirt suitable for day or night, however for this very very cold daytime look, I decided to put my winter boots on which I got from New Look, topped with my oversized red coat, a scarf for extra warmth, and my bucket bag by my side.

One thing I love about wearing this skirt is the curiosity it attracts from anyone at a distance or even close up. Yes, those are monkeys wearing crowns. You may be thinking “why exactly is she wearing a skirt with monkeys on?” Well, my wardrobe is flooding with floral prints as well as the occasional star print or heart print, so I thought this uncommon choice of pattern would make me branch out into weirder choices of patterns. Now I know this wouldn’t exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, but the concept is still realistic; take a patterned midi skirt (monkey print is optional) and pair it with a simple coloured top to balance it out, add some simple shoes and you’re good to go for any occasion. This look consisted of H&M’s experimental skirt, a thin jumper from New Look, and some cream converse because I was seeking some comfort on my feet.

Now I’ll admit, I was feeling very kitschy when I was creating this outfit, if you can’t already tell. I always get a feeling of cuteness when I wear this skirt, however I wanted a top to make me look a bit less like a child, so I combined it with this leopard print top I found have in a charity shop to mature the look. To tie the two contrasting pieces together, I added in a chunky brown leather belt, which was also the perfect touch for making the outfit a bit more flattering on my body. For a bit of fun, I chose my multi-coloured and multi-tongued converse as a pop of colour and to push this outfit to a high level of kitsch. A tip in advance, if it’s cold outside, always make sure you have a pair of tights or knee highs that aren’t in the wash, or you will freeze to death. If I were you, I’d also throw on a cute and warm knitted cardigan for added warmth and to finish your cute look.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! X

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