Style icon: Alexa Chung

The wardrobe, the hair, the sarcastic humour, the clothing line, the quirkiness, here’s just a selection of the many things I can’t help but love about British fashion icon and personality, Alexa Chung.

You may have heard of this wise and witty woman from her big break hosting for MTV, or maybe her book titled ‘It’, or even more recently from her ever growing self-titled clothing line ‘Alexa Chung’. In her early years before her MTV days, she participated in modelling for a few well known brands, thus becoming exposed to the fashion world directly from the designers. She became enthusiastic about the industry whilst she was hosting for MTV, and eventually she began experimenting in collaborating with different fashion companies. One name she worked for was Vogue, where she narrated and was the main star of her documentary all about the fashion industry and how to get into it. Also her collaboration with M&S, where she curated her own archive line using a variety of different patterns and designs from decades of M&S’ clothing line.

Nowadays, you may come across her clothing line in your nearest Selfridges, online, or on her well known Instagram page. She launched her brand back in May 2017, and since then she has launched many different collections, season after season. Her ideas take the chic and dramatic textures, patterns, and shapes from high fashion, and apply them more subtly to everyday streetwear for that perfect range in between these two sides of fashion. Along with her intelligent ways of bringing together high fashion and streetwear, she still succeeds in making her designs 100% hers in reflection of her own style, personality, and heritage.

With heavy emphasis from the 70’s and 80’s, it’s clear to see where Chung’s main fashion inspiration comes from. Some of her items look very much like they’d came out of an 80’s prom; traditional cuts of dresses, but applied with obscure patterns and materials, such as a simple maxi dress embellished with funky chunky sequins. Or say, a pinafore style dress with ruffle details, made out of lilac coloured PVC.

Now for a mini haul! For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive 3 items from her collection that had each been on my wish list since pretty much the start of time. From my Mam and dad, I got the black t-shirt with a small ‘lonely hearts club’ logo in white, bordered with its own little lonely heart. This I’d considered buying a few times, since surprisingly, I didn’t actually own a black t-shirt (shocker) but now I can say I have a black t-shirt, and a very good one for that matter.

Also for Christmas, my boyfriend decided to be an absolute angel and get me the other two items I’d been eyeing up. Firstly, I’d been gifted a similar t-shirt to the first one, but this version was white and had the heart enlarged and drizzled with pink glitter, hard to resist right? I have a hot pink leather skirt that goes so beautifully with it, so if I end up posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of this exact outfit over and over again, I’m sorry not sorry in advance.

Finally, because one mega gift wasn’t enough, he decided to add in the blue and white gingham tote bag which I like to call my ‘Dorothy bag’. Alexa had created this bag in collaboration with American Express, in honour of the “Small Businesses Saturday” campaign, encouraging people to shop with local businesses more regularly. Now when I was rambling on about the bag to him, I said “oh my gosh, it would be perfect as a springtime bag!” However, I’ve had the bag for about 4 weeks now, and I’ve used it pretty much everyday that I’ve had it. It goes with everything, is great for any occasion, and it just adds a little extra something to your outfit, plus it’s just so cute to look at and gets many compliments when out and about!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I love getting to actually write down my thoughts and opinions on my favourite fashion icons X

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