August eye-catchers

I made a blog post in this style wayyy back in October when I first started my blog, where I wanted to feature certain items from common retail websites such as ASOS and Topshop that quite literally ‘caught my eye’. I wanted to show a small selection of unique or ‘just right’ items that you might not find that often across all the high street shops, which is what I’ll be showcasing again today. All these items were found on ASOS and were below £40, meaning that if you take an interest to one or two then you can buy them from the same place and for a not so expensive price too!

ASOS Design statement back jacket – £27.50

This jacket sparked my interest due to the bright lilac tone of the jacket in contrast to the bold yellow back panel, which also features an arrangement of flowers which look hand painted and some text to go with it. Now normally I’m not one for floral designs on denim jackets, as they can often make the jacket look quite cheap, however the painted style of these flowers against two bold colours makes it look very unique and look like something you wouldn’t usually find in a high street store. The overall look and colour palette of this jacket would also make a great transitional piece for the late summertime.

ASOS Design Shelby heels – £40.00

I’ve seen a few different versions of this style shoe from different websites, yet they all lacked a certain quality that just didn’t make them look right; some had an open toe front, some had heels that just made me scared the moment I seen them, and some had way too many buckles that would just be a nightmare to do everytime you were to put your shoes on. After a long while of searching, I found this gorgeous pair that weren’t too high and only had one strap which ties around the ankle for extra support. I can picture these as the perfect day-to-night shoe, especially for the girl who usually doesn’t like wearing heels but likes to get dressed up from time to time.

Weekday Ace wide leg jeans – £22.50

Now you either love them or you hate them, but I’m quite a fan of wide leg jeans ESPECIALLY in bolder colours. Although the cut and the colour of this pair have a very stand out look to them, wide leg jeans are super comfy and can often look super chic when styled in the right way. The bright red colour offers a great chance to be paired with either black or white for a sleek simple look, so a basic t-shirt in either of these colours can create a put together but low effort look.

Daisy Street Check Pinafore Dress – £23.99

Pinafore style dresses are great for this time of the year, due the cut of the garment being easy to style alone or paired with a t-shirt or jumper underneath. This bright pink shade retains that summer colour palette, but as check/tartan is a widely used pattern in the autumn time, this combo works as an easy way to transfer your wardrobe from summer to autumnwith the addition of a black turtleneck underneath or a plain t-shirt for those warmer days.

Monki corduroy mustard flatforms – £30.00

Personally I love finding certain pieces with a new material or fabric that is very rarely used on that specific piece, which in this instance is corduroy on shoes. Corduroy always looks great in bright colours like this mustard shade, and when applied to a pair of shoes it adds more attention and detail in one specific area, making it a great statement piece when paired with a pair of jeans as an example. Now although cord isn’t the most durable fabric when it comes to dirt or water, but the platform base of the shoe offers protection from any kind of grass stains or rain puddles, keeping the shoes in good shape for longer.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this, I might try to make these types of blog posts a bit more frequently as I reallyenjoy making them!Thanks again, Sophie x

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