Accessories you need right now

Accessories play an important role in our style and what it says about us personally. A lot of jewellery is sentimental like family heirlooms or wedding bands, whereas a lot of it is simply for fun and a way to finish an outfit. I’ve recently checked out ASOS’ accessories range and I was quite shocked at some of the beautiful designs featured that were dramatically affordable too, so I’ve decided to share a few here in this blog post.

Heart statement earrings – £12.00

If you’re looking to invest in that one pair of earrings that just makes any outfit, then this is the pair. This anatomic structure in a rich gold tone gives off a sleek and expensive look to its overall design, with a red accent to make them pop even more. This balance of gold and red would look perfect with a full black or white outfit, and would give off the idea that you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did. This pair would be a great purchase for this time of the year, especially due to the late summer day drinking, freshers week, or going back to college or uni and wanting to not look like you’ve spent the entire summer sleeping.

Vintage necklace – £6.00

I’m always on the hunt for beautiful vintage jewellery in second hand or vintage shops, yet I very rarely find much brooches and watches. Although there are many pros to buying vintage pieces (especially for their authenticity and hard craftsmanship) as time goes by these pieces age, wear away and become no longer recognisable. I know that a lot of other people struggle with this problem too, and so I feel like this stunning necklace is a good solution to this problem. The beautiful portrait centered in this necklace works very well with its gold chain, and would also look beautiful against a wide range of skin tones too. This dainty yet detailed design would work well for many different occasions, and would never go out of style.

Pearl hair clips – £6.00

Although this kind of hair clip won’t be to everyone’s taste, there has been a common trend of these clips being projected all over social media, being worn particularly at the front of the hair by models and celebrities worldwide. This take on the nostalgic and youthful shape involves a coating of pearls to mature the design to suit all age groups. Wearing one on either sides of the face to pin back strands of hair is the most commonly worn placement of these clips, which is great for bad hair days when you need to look a bit more put together than usual, and in this case you can never go wrong with pearls!

Hand necklace – £16.00

This is one of my favourite finds from this blog post, just simply for how valuable it looks in contrast to the actual price of this exquisite piece. The overall look of a delicate feature of the human body that has been translated into this dainty necklace is stunning, and definitely isn’t the type of thing you see everyday. If you’re not the type of person that likes wearing a lot of jewellery, but you still enjoy a small necklace to compliment a certain outfit, then this is the exact piece you need in your life.

Squiggle earrings – £8.00 / 3 pack earring set – £6.00

These two sets of earrings I have combined into one section, just simply down to their similarity and for your own personal preference. Whether you’re already a jewellery hoarder but you’re looking out for that one pair to complete your collection, or you like to have the options of what exact style you want to wear for different occasions, then atleast one of these sets will tick all the boxes for you. Like the hair clips I shown earlier, this combination of pearls and gold in a sleek and minimalist design creates a very modern effortless look to compliment your wardrobe. These styles both work as the statement piece or the finishing touches to an outfit, and so I would highly recommend either version of these designs for an affordable way of looking expensive.

1st set:

2nd set:

Circle barettes – £6.00

As I mentioned earlier, these extra hot days and the quick approach of the new academic year (the joys of early mornings and not making an effort after the second day back) means a lot of bad hair days where you’re too tired to really make an effort. My solution to this is barettes: the hair accessory commonly used in the 60’s by style icon Bridgitte Bardot to pin back the hair to create more shape to the face and hide how bad your hair looks. This set includes a simple gold circle design and a chain-like design, which are both suitable for a wide range of styles.

Thank you for reading this blog post, accessories are one of my favourite parts of fashion and so I’ll use any excuse to browse through some pieces online.

Many thanks, Sophie x

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