August favourites

So I know that August has pretty much flew by (as did the rest of the year for that matter) and although I didn’t really leave my bed at all for the entire month, I’ve still managed to collect a small amount of favourites from this month from the days in which I did actually leave my house. Here are a few pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve been really loving throughout the past month, so I hope you enjoy reading through them all!

1. Pearl Handbag – Skinnydip

I am a HUGE fan of the upcoming British designer brand Shrimps, famously known for their unique structured bags made entirely out of pearls. Although I have promised myself that the white Antonia bag will one day be mine, I was on the hunt for a similar yet more affordable dupe of the design, which as of lately has been quite a common appearance in many retail stores, Zara and Mango to name a few. As a matter of fact, I was surprised to see that even the accessory brand Skinnydip had released their own stunning version of this bag, which is the exact one that I’d picked up for myself. For the past few weeks I’ve been continuously styling it with pretty much any outfit I wear due to how versatile it is for such a statement piece. This type of bag can really dress up an outfit or nicely compliment an already formal look, so it’s definitely worth an investment!

2. Purple cardigan – Primark

As the colder months might actually be approaching us after our ongoing summer heatwave finally ends, I thought it would be a good time to invest in a chunky oversized cardigan. Despite the specific colour scheme of autumnal shades that most shops stick to at this time of the year, I wanted something a bit brighter that would work with the clothes I already own, which is when I found this gorgeous purple one from Primark. I’ve been pretty much living in it for the past few weeks (as you can very obviously tell from my instagram) since it’s just so comfy and works with so many different things just to chuck on and keep warm in.

3. Blue metallic loafers – New Look

Now these are what I like to refer to as my guilty pleasure shoes. You either love them or you hate them, but I’m always down for experimenting with unusual patterns or colours on certain pieces of clothing, so these blue metallic loafers from New Look were DEFINITELY a must have in my wardrobe. Contrasting to what your main thoughts on the styling of these might be, I’ve actually found them to work with all kinds of different outfits in my wardrobe, as I find that the metallic shine just adds so much more dimension to an outfit. Oh yeah, and they were £2 in the sale?!?! Seriously you can’t go wrong with that.

4. Wide leg jeans – Glamorous

A person having a favourite style of jeans is pretty much the same concept as them having a favourite particular kind of pizza: yeah you might occasionally mix it up with some different toppings (you might try have a few different styles of jeans you wear from time to time) but you’ll always have that one type that you’ll always rely on. For me, I’ve experimented with a few different styles over the years, but I typically like to go for relaxed fits like mom style or straight cut, but my absolute favourites have got to be wide legged. This style offers a much more androgynous shape to a classic pair of jeans, which I quite like from time to time since a lot of my wardrobe is quite hyper feminine. Not only do I find them to be more chic than regular fitted jeans, but they’re also a lot more comfortable and breathable in, not to mention the fact that they can make a simple outfit look a lot more put together. Fun fact about this particular pair: I found them in a charity shop about a year ago for a whopping 25p!

5. Spotted smock dress – Lazy Oaf

Another one of my favourite independent British fashion labels is the Carnaby based Lazy Oaf. The shop is small in size but huge in global recognition, mainly due to their regular feeding of uniquely shaped and patterned garments you simply couldn’t find anywhere else. Since a lot of their pieces can be quite pricey and also sell out super quick and become really rare to find, I mainly search on Depop to try and find any more affordable pieces that I could add to my tiny but ambitious collection. My most recent find (and both the cheapest and the one that I get the most wear out of) is this light pink spotted smock dress they released a few years ago. The main thing that drawn me to this piece was the pattern; the spots vary is size and shape which looks quite different in comparison to regular polka dots, but the loose shape of the dress also gives it a lot of movement for the pattern to look even better on. The flow of the dress keeps it comfortable, whilst the upper half being a shirt style top keeps it from looking too casual. Overall, it’s a great piece to just chunk on when you still want to look like you made an effort!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this, I love writing about specific topics within fashion, but I also occasionally like to just share some of my own personal items and outfits!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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