Did EDDA GIMNES really do that?

If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion tea this weekend, you may have heard about Moschino’s Spring 2019 RTW show being publicly called out as a fraud. The entire show and it’s illustrative concept has been discovered to be an almost identical rip off of the designer Edda Gimnes’ unique designs, who had previously met with a Moschino rep back in November last year where she shown all of her designs and sketches. From what was displayed as Moschino’s new vision for the upcoming season, it was actually the hard work of Edda and her full design style.

Although this type of scandal is currently getting talked about due to Edda already having a semi large audience to share her story, the truth is that young and upcoming designers are quite frequently being ripped off by these huge multi-million dollar brands because they are small fish in a big pond with no voice to show that their designs are being stolen. Many creative individuals approach these companies on a daily basis with their brilliant portfolios, yet will often be declined any form of a job. That then gives the brand an opportunity to look at someone else’s ideas and take them as their own, without the need of having to think for themselves, and whilst also not giving someone else the money that they could be earning as they deserve. This process means more continuous business for these labels and a never ending cycle of declines and theft for these imaginative and brilliant minds.

Now onto the work and story of Edda Gimnes. Edda studied at the London college of fashion, and her work has always been recognised as illustrative and fun, with the persuasion of bright colours and stand out shapes. Her work has been widely appreciated with awards, even including the New York Times as one of ten “Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch”. Her exciting and energetic designs are a wonderfully fresh input on the modern day fashion industry, by not taking itself too seriously, and by reminding the surrounding designers and buyers that fashion should always be fun and personal, not heavy and narrow-minded. Edda brings an aura to the fashion industry that it greatly needs, and one that we should be appreciative of in the long run.

Here are some quotes on the style of Edda, direct from her website:

“Edda has always been preoccupied with the concept of past, old and forgotten objects and it is important to her that her collection triggers the viewers an emotional reaction and connection with their inner selves.”

“Edda’s aim is to combine art and fashion in a new and unexpected way, and its important to her that you should have fun with the clothes and I feel like wearing her collection is like dressing up for different characters. She wants people to wonder and question what fashion is, and get carried away into a fantasy world. She thinks it is important not to take fashion too seriously, but have fun with the clothes dress up and make up your own narrative of who you want to be.”

Overall, I’m deeply in love with Eddas’ design mentality and personal style for her brand. Her iconic pieces should never have been stolen, but as a result of speaking out, she’s managed to rightfully call out Moschino and contribute to breaking this Robin Hood-like theft cycle. Thank you for taking the time out to read this piece on the voice and needed justice of Edda Gimnes and her brand.

Sophie x

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