Molly Goddard

Who is Molly Goddard?

Molly Goddard is an upcoming British contemporary designer who has built up her self-titled fashion label ‘Molly Goddard’ over the last few years. Her work is very heavily inspired by the outfits her mother and grandmother would make for her as a child, and she still gets her references from old family photographs and children’s knitwear patterns. Goddard’s work is well recognisable as expressive tulle smock dresses in a variety of vivid colours, built up from layers and layers of fabric that has been smocked and stitched on top of each other to reshape the body.

How it all began

Her rise to success began 4 years ago when she expressed her frustration to her boyfriend of not knowing what to do with her career after studying Fashion (Knitwear) at Central Saint Martins. In return, her boyfriend gave her the advice to ‘make clothes you’d want to wear’. This quote was what gave Goddard the motivation to create her first collection for spring 2015. She threw a large party for the debut of the collection, where she had kindly asked for her friends to model her tulle dresses over their jeans and t-shirts. The show had caught the eye of Dover Street Market, to which she was asked to make 86 dresses for to be sold to the public, taking Goddard 15 hours a day for 4 months to complete.

Iconic moments in her career (that you’ve probably already seen but I’m going to talk about anyway because they’re iconic)

It’s incredible to see how far Molly has came within the past 4 years, from designing her first pieces from the comfort of her kitchen, to dressing celebrities such as Rihanna who regularly works with Goddard for runway pieces and even the occasional daytime look. Her work was recently widespread across all of social media from the debut of the new TV show ‘Killing Eve’ where the main character is wearing one of her iconic pink tulle dresses in the middle of the street in Paris, looking completely out of place yet so perfect at the same time. Goddard’s style perfectly represents the women who want to break free of social standards for daily wear, and who also question when fashion became so mundane and uniform.

Why I love her so much

Her ability to take childish, playful designs and reimagine them as modern day works of art that can completely change the stature and impression of a person is impeccable. I admire her imagination and vision to reinforce the fun side of fashion back into the industry, as I believe her designs give women the chance to wear exactly what they want to wear, without any limitations of common shapes or fabrics that should be worn in daily life. Molly Goddard is a person that I am very much inspired by as an artist and as an individual, for her confidence to put her own say into the fashion industry without any fear of meeting social expectations of current trends or styles, instead just wanting to do what she wants to do and make the clothes that she would want to wear if they were available to her.

As a student currently working towards finding my own place in the fashion industry, I take a lot of inspiration from Goddard, as where many designers these days stay within their comfort zone and barely break outside of standard patterns for designs, Molly laughs in the face of standard patterns. Nothing is impossible to this woman, and that is an attitude that is in desperate need within this industry.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie x

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