Embracing or neglecting trends?

Whether you love them or hate them, trends are the secret that keeps high street shops in business when it comes to relying on the same customers every season. Usual trends can be based on a specific decade or social movement, a certain mood or even our political state every now and again.

From western chic to 90’s glam, these are labelled as trends because of their ability to come in and out of fashion, giving the industry the chance to be constantly renewing decades worth of styles in order to be seen as ‘new’ when logically they should be labelled ‘bet you haven’t seen this in a while’. The idea of trends is already a controversial topic within the fashion industry, so I thought I’d go into some of them.

I’ll be honest, I love trends. Well actually, I love the idea of trends. As a student that’s aiming to get into the fashion industry in the future, I get very excited for each fashion week and getting access into designers ideas for the current season. Having the ability to remind yourself of styles that shouldn’t have existed in the first place, yet are now being resurrected at the fashion industries ability to sell anything with a tag on it.

Trends can often be a way of discovering your own personal style, as they give the ability for a regular change up of shop floors and magazine spreads, thus we’re constantly being shown new things everyday. This exposure to different colours, shapes and moods can influence our ability to form opinions on what we like and dislike.

However, a common issue within the business is when high fashion brands try to rely on trends as a way of playing it safe during each season. In today’s market, it’s incredibly easy to copy and reproduce clothing with just a few adjustments made in order to look like a unique concept to that house. This is then repeated for high street brands to copy, thus giving us 3 or 4 main leading shops with exactly the same clothes in each window.

But at what are the boundaries with trends? How involved can we become with trends before we lose our individuality? Should we even acknowledge trends at all?

The problem with this is the idea that you have to buy into trends in order to be seen as fashionable. This is in fact far from the truth as what we like and what we think represents us is our style. It may sound a bit cheesy, but you can not care about what you wear or you can put as much thought into it as you want, it’s your style!

Now although there is no right or wrong answer to a persons individual style, it’s whether or not that person is dressing in a way to please themselves or to please those around them that’s an issue. Yes our taste can alter as we age, but it’s quite common to see people completely changing their style to fit in with current trends, especially if they may have previously disliked the style or they couldn’t see themselves wearing it even a year afterwards. Some current themes can work great with the clothes we already have and what enjoy wearing, but we shouldn’t be basing our own dress sense on being trendy, as that’s when we loose our individuality.

Now whether or not you care for trends or not, it’s always a wise idea to view them with a pinch of salt. It’s an open opportunity to try out a new form of dressing. If you’re feeling the need to update your wardrobe then it’s a great chance to add in a new piece or two, but don’t try to change your own style in order to fit in with trends!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie x

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