Shrimps X Warehouse Review

Hello everyone! This warm April morning has brought us some gorgeous sunshine, a buzz for the bank holiday weekend, and also the official launch of the Shrimps X Warehouse collaboration. The basis of this collaboration is a Spring/Summer capsule collection that has all you’d ever need for your summer holiday, or even just for some warm weather day to day pieces. This partnership is a follow up from the Shrimps X Converse collaboration back at Christmas time, which offered 5 pieces that were an instant sell out. However, Shrimps have came back on a huge scale with this collection, making it even bigger and even more affordable so that a greater audience can get their hands on some pieces for the summertime.

As described on the Warehouse website:

“In 2013 Hannah Weiland founded Shrimps, celebrated clothing brand and favourite on the British fashion scene. Playful, different and deliciously nostalgic, she brings the brands unique aesthetic – and her signature doodles – to Warehouse in a capsule summer collection.”

Just as the the label says, this collection is a great dive into spring/summer fashion, in a whimsical yet wearable Shrimps manor. With a whopping 43 pieces in total, ranging from swimwear to co-ords to jewellery, there’s definitely something for everyone. Common themes of daisies and gingham are widespread across the collection, which further adds to the ‘capsule’ idea that every piece can work together and be styled in many different ways in order to keep the pieces wearable for multiple different looks. Here’s a few pieces that I thought were worth a mention…

Straight off there some heavily illustrated pieces to get us really into a summer feeling. This yellow, sea themed fabric has been featured on both a slightly puffed sleeve top (£32) and a tea dress (£49). As well as this adorable summer style, there’s also a beautiful blue underwater themed maxi dress (£55) which would look perfect on a late evening stroll on the beach.

Out of the whole collection, my favourites have to be these green gingham pieces that are in a variety of scales of gingham. Known for their iconic pearl handbags, Shrimps simply couldn’t create a summer collection without involving a large vinyl shopper bag (£32) which would be a perfect carry on bag for a summer holiday. As if that wasn’t enough gingham for one collection, they’ve also created a co-ord set made of 100% cotton in a matching top (£29) and shorts (£29) set. (There’s also a shirred Bardot style top in gingham up for grabs, with a matching bucket hat if that’s your thing).

Some final pieces that I wanted to mention were the daisy themed jewellery pieces that are great final touches to this summertime wardrobe. I think these designs are super wearable for everyday use or they would be the perfect way to finish off an outfit, especially as these pieces all compliment each other and they are the most affordable pieces of the collection. From the adorable daisy chain necklace (£40) which I’m dying to get my hands on, to the matching daisy circle earrings (£20)), these are definitely worth looking into!

Overall, I think that this collection has came at the perfect time for a Spring/Summer shop, especially if you’re looking for some cute and comfy daytime holiday pieces! You can shop the whole collection on the Warehouse website linked here:

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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