Vintage/Charity shopping + haul

Hello there! I know that I have recently been posting quite frequently compared to normal, but I wanted to talk today about sustainable ways of shopping. I’ve previously mentioned some of these things in past blog posts but I’ve never really spoken in great detail about some of the gems you can find when thrifting. The other day I had collected quite a few great pieces from my local charity shops, so I thought it would be a great time to discuss the topic!

Now to start with, I feel like thrifting is a bit of a marmite concept: people either love it and will quite regularly check in local shops and will already own a few pieces that they’ve bought from a vintage shop or a charity shop. However, some people may believe that charity shops are more aimed towards older people or that they are unhygienic. So I thought that I’d get into some of these issues that some of you may even believe yourself.

1. Hygiene

Now the idea of donated or decades old clothes may raise concern when thinking about how clean that item may be. You’ll probably ask yourself, has this been washed before it has been donated? How clean exactly is it? Well after doing some research into the issue, majority of clothes that get donated have either never been worn and still have their tags on, worn once or twice, or have recently been washed. Only the clothes in their best condition make it to the rails.

Charity shops get huge bags of donated clothes in which they have to analyse quite tediously to check for any stains or damage that may be done to the garments. They end up having to throw away a lot of clothing that wouldn’t be considered clean enough to sell, meaning that most items on the rails are perfectly fine to be purchased and worn (just make sure to wash them before you wear them!).

2. Target audience

Although the average charity shop may seem to be aimed towards the older generations, you’d be very surprised in the real treasures you can find in them. Think as if you’ve ever donated clothes to a charity shop, someone on the other end will have probably been thinking the same idea when walking into that shop, yet they will have found a great piece that would suit their style very much which they managed to find in a charity shop for a few quid.

3. The benefits

There are a huge selection of pros to shopping second hand, whether you do it through charity shops or thrifting or online stores like depop, it’s all worth it!

• No funding towards fast fashion companies, who underpay their workers to make piles of low quality garments in horrendous conditions, just to get by.

• More variety with a selection of pieces from past years, multiple shops, and passed onto many people.

• Clothes can often be found still with their tags on or practically brand new.

• Super affordable too!

Here I have some examples of some pieces that I’ve came across recently during a look in my local charity shops…

Even though we’re edging on summer, I couldn’t resist this beautiful purple on purple knitted jumper which I picked up for £2. I’ve teamed it with my gorgeous brown wide leg jeans from Primark and my go-to necklaces, the Marc Jacobs button one is from depop! (Sorry for the lack of shoes in this blog post, I only had one pair with me!). I’d probably pair this outfit in particular with some plain white converse or my trusty Adidas Stan Smiths, just because I love the brown and green contrast.

This outfit is all second hand and cost me a total of £8! A friend of mine had actually picked out this white ruffle dress, but since she wasn’t going to buy it, I was pretty quick to pick it up for myself. I’ve also been after a pair of shoes like these for a while now, and the croc style heel is a nice touch too! Overall, this outfit is a good confidence boost and will also be worn a lot for summer pub trips.

Last but certainly not least, I bought this great white knitted bodycon skirt. Originally from Missguided, I managed to pick this up for £2 with the tag still left on it! I’d been searching for the perfect knitted skirt for a while so I felt very lucky to have stumbled across this one for so cheap. I’ve paired it with my white and yellow striped turtleneck for a very 60’s look, and I originally worn this outfit with a pair of metallic blue loafers and my matching Alexa Chung handbag in a baby blue gingham.

Overall, I was super pleased with the amount that I’d found in just one trip, specially with such a variety of items! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and hopefully it’s made you question popping into your local charity shop sometime soon.

Lots of love,

Sophie x

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