The festival dress code

It’s that time of the year again where summer is just around the corner and we’re all getting excited for the upcoming events. You may be attending a festival this year, maybe even two or three if you’re into it, but do you know what to pack yet? What will the weather be like? What’s everyone else wearing? Would you ‘stand out’ or ‘stick out’? There’s so much emphasis on festival attire in today’s world, mainly due to the influence of Coachella and its attendees, that online stores market off of the hysteria of festival trends and a growing desire for looking ‘extra’. But is it all just a faff on? Do you have to dress extravagantly for a wet and muddy field?

Festivals for some people are a once in a lifetime thing, and for others it’s a regular occurrence. Either way, it’s a special event that you’d spend a lot of time and money organising, so you’d want to dress exactly how you’d want to, not what you think you ‘should’ wear. Whether to you that means old shorts and a t-shirt with a rain mac, or a completely mesh dress with big boots, or anything in between, go for whatever you want to wear!

That brief period is going to be spent listening to some of your favourite artists with your best friends without a care in the world, so wear what you’d feel the most comfortable in, no matter what it is. At the end of the day, you’ll go home and go back to dressing how you usually would, and you’ll forget about it in a week. So, interpret that however you like!

There’s so much judgement around how people dress for festivals, with common comments like ‘that’s too much’ or ‘but you wouldn’t wear that any other day of the year’. Well exactly, it isn’t any other day of the year? For some people they might work in a job where they can’t dress how that they would like to and it can be quite miserable to put on the same thing everyday, and so they may rely on special events to really show some personality. Even if you do have the luxury getting to dress however you like everyday, it can be fun to go crazy and look ridiculous of the day! Either way, different people are comfortable wearing different things, and it’s all down to the individual’s perspective on how they should dress.

I don’t have much of my own personal experience on the subject, as the only ‘festival’ I’ve ever been to was just this weekend at Radio 1’s Big Weekend! Since this was a local event and I knew that I could go back home and get showered and freshly ready again the next morning, I wanted to just wear something fun and exciting that I wouldn’t usually get to wear for an average day.

So, although I didn’t get a very good pic of the outfit, here’s some daft pics of me and Olivia to kind of show an example of what I was wearing. I wore some pink velvet hot pants that I picked up in the charity shop, a white halter neck top from Miss Selfridge, and a wrap dress that I’d made myself but adjusted it to be tied at the front to show the rest of the outfit and act as more of a kimono.

I also wore a pair of white chunky trainers that I’d bought just to get me through the weekend so that I didn’t ruin any other shoes, and I also wore a pink satin headband and pink tinted sunglasses to finish off the outfit. I completely loved this outfit and for the most part it served me well! (Except for the hour long drizzle of rain at the end on the night that was unexpected).

The next day I opted for some sparkly diamanté jeans from Topshop that I absolutely adore, paired with a sparkly bandeau top from Primark last year, and the same trainers that I wore prior. (Thanks to Holly for supplying the hula necklace too). I’d brought along a Missguided X Barbie hoodie just incase it rained like the night before, but instead I got sunburnt! If that doesn’t sum up British weather then I don’t know what does. (Again, these are the best pictures that I got of my outfit, so here’s some Frazer and Holly appreciation!).

So this was a brief overview of my thoughts on festival attire and what you ‘should’ be wearing, plus some fun pics from my own first time at a festival too. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I also hope you feel super excited for any festivals you may have coming up!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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