A weekend in outfits

Hello again! I recently wrote about some outfits that I’d worn during a bank holiday weekend a few weeks ago, and you guys seemed to love it! So, I thought I’d write something along the same lines today, featuring some looks that I’d worn during this past weekend.


On Friday a few friends and I headed to York for a payday girls day out, which mainly just consisted of a bar crawl. At the last minute of that morning I opted for this vintage white lace dress that is oh so comfy, with a men’s section Forever 21 denim jacket on top, a pair of black kitten heels from Primark and a vintage handbag from the beloved Disgraceland Vintage. Head to ankle I was super comfy for the day, however I still haven’t properly worn in these heels and so they definitely rubbed throughout the day!


Saturday consisted of a typical mooch around town with the addition of going for a Nando’s. I layered a Primark cardigan on top of an old white turtleneck which is also from Primark, tucked into a pair of wide leg jeans (originally from Glamorous, but were a 25p charity shop find!). Finished with my Stan smiths, a pearl hair clip and an old Topshop handbag, I loved the end result of this whole look.


Today was a day to celebrate my auntie’s birthday, so my family had created a surprise meal for her at a lovely pub that had the most delicious steak! So, I decided to wear a brand new shirt and jeans combo with a white turtleneck, my Stan Smiths and the same white handbag. The shirt was originally from M&S and is a size 20 in fact, but I picked it up from a charity shop along with the jeans, originally from Primark.

Overall, it’s been a great weekend spent with friends and family, and I love getting the opportunity to dress a bit fancy every now and then! I hope you enjoyed another one of these weekend in outfits blog posts, if you did be sure to let me know of any other recommendations!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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