Reinventing the clothes you already own.

In 2019 we as a population are thinking of more ways to protect our environment and become as sustainable as we can. As of this, people are slowing down their own shopping cycles or even cutting out fast fashion all together, instead relying on what they already own in order to maintain an ethical wardrobe.

However, despite your hardest efforts towards shopping ethically and maintaining a practical wardrobe, it can be hard to make the same clothes feel brand new again. So, I’ve developed some styling tips in order to give your wardrobe a refresh without having to spend any money.

Clothing can be adjusted to fit into any season, style, or occasion, once you start to experiment. Take a dress for instance, you may believe that it is just one piece and thus, it makes one outfit. Yet have you tried wearing it as a skirt with a jumper on top, or a t-shirt, or a shirt? What about styling it as a cami by layering a skirt on top of it, or even with a t-shirt underneath that for some added warmth?

What about a basic button up shirt? It can already be paired with trousers, skirts, jeans etc, but what about wearing it as a form of jacket/cardigan over a bralette and jeans? Or even tucking it in unbuttoned to wear it as a low cut top? Just simply knotting it in the front or wearing it off the shoulders can give it a completely different appearance.

Layering your pieces could have you creating multiple new outfits from the simple pairing of a just a few pieces. If you think as garments as multifunctional, instead of them just having one purpose, it can become easier to provide a whole new attitude towards your old clothes.

Even beyond just the layering of pieces, but the colour combinations you can put together are endless. Wearing complimentary colours can make any pieces work together, or even different shades of one colour together can create a beautiful monochromatic look. Wearing a single colour can give off the illusion of a collective look instead of just pieces put together, no matter how many times you may have worn them!

If you are to take anything from this blog post, understand that majority of these tips simply rely on your own imagination. Once you start to look at your wardrobe as an endless amount of combinations, you’ll find it so much easier to style your most worn pieces.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to give me any feedback of what you found useful, I’d love to see your new outfit ideas!

Thanks again,


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