What I’ve been working on – FMP Foundation 2019

Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed from my Instagram page, this week was the opening of the summer show at my college. The personal viewing was on Wednesday night with many friends and family arriving to see what my friends and I have been creating over the past few months.

Just for some context if you’re unsure of the show, this is my third and final year at college. I chose to do a foundation year to get some more experience in the fashion field, as I was quite uneasy about going to uni straight after a-levels and boy was I right. (If anyone is considering a foundation year I 100% recommend!). I’ve been working on this project since around February time, and I gave myself my own briefing and direction throughout the process.

As my starting point, I chose to begin with looking at how modern day standards and technology have affected childhood innocence. Why you ask? Well to put it briefly, it was only when researching different themes did I realise that majority of the topics I was looking at came under this sort of branch. Whether it be the health affects of early exposure to phones and the internet, or war themed kids toys, or the impact of the sugar tax, which I became greatly interested in.

As my project developed and I continued my research, I was quite fascinated by the sugar coating (pun intended) of childhood obesity and related health risks. Ads on tv showing families sharing bags of sweets, phrases like ‘just one for today’, and the nostalgic sense of going to the corner shop to get a pick and mix all seemed to have this lighthearted feel to them, despite our constant exposure to obesity adverts and healthy eating.

So, when I began to start visualising my topic, I was heavily influenced by the excessiveness of the issue. The bright colours and fun shapes used to influence parents and children into buying packets upon packets of sweets was something that I reflected on within my own design process. This also directed me towards looking into areas of diabetes and tooth decay, which I began to love recreating within some of my coordinating jewellery.

My final collection consisted of a two piece set inspired by the elaborate styles and nostalgia of childhood dress up, with the artistic influences of some of my favourite designers such as Hannah Weiland at Shrimps, Molly Goddard, and Vivetta Ponti.

• The top was printed on with a tooth print that I had illustrated, then burnt into for added texture, and further embellished with a variety of beads and sequins for that added sugary appeal.

• The skirt, consisting of a total of 44 metres of fabric, was completely hand ruched with a machine shirred waistband, featuring a sprinkle of tooth charms and added beads for further emphasis and fluidity throughout my collection.

• To coincide with my two piece set, I created a variety of bracelets and necklaces with hand sculpted decayed teeth on each one, as a way of sharing my project with friends and family. I displayed them on a pop art inspired sweet wall (which took a whole day to glue on every single sweet, and yes, they’re real!). These pieces are available to buy on my depop, and no two pieces are the same!


As of now, I’m spending my summer with friends and family whilst also working to pay my uni fund, as well as focusing a lot more of my time on the blog! Come September, I will be studying Fashion Design at Leeds Arts University and I’m super super excited to start. Before I go, here’s a few more pics from the show.

Thank you to everyone at college for making the past three years such a great experience, especially to Holly, Skilly, Frazer, Joas, Beth and Olivia for being the best group of people to spend it with. Also to the tutors for taking the time to make sure we’re okay academically and personally, in particular to Alyson for being a great support system daily and for encouraging me to make a blog in the first place!

Lots of love,

Sophie ❤️

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