Tips for shopping second hand

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been getting a few messages relating to my last blog post about shopping second hand, specifically from those who often struggle to find anything nice in charity shops or on Depop. So, after today’s excursions with a lot of shopping, I’ve been coming up with some tips on shopping second hand and more particularly, finding some good stuff wherever you go.

Jumper and handbag both from charity shops, dress is Topshop

1. Have some ideas of what you’re looking for.

Although it might seem a bit pointless to be aiming to find particular items in charity shops or vintage shops since everything is basically one of a kind, it can make the whole shopping process a lot easier. Instead of walking into a shop surrounded by dozens of pieces, if you know you’re after some new jeans or a jumper for instance, you can focus more on that area and thus it will narrow down your shopping horizon.

2. Look at all the sizes.

This one might be a bit of a strange one, but don’t just stick to your own size when it comes to browsing. More specific items like t-shirts, hoodies and dresses can often look better in a few sizes up, so you may as well give it a go. On that note, don’t be afraid to vary between ‘gender specific Ed’ isles as retailers excel in certain garments for men in contrast to the quality or fit for women, and vice versa.

3. Check regularly.

Like most high street stores, the second hand retailers and websites are constantly absorbing new stock everyday. Sometimes it can be easy to feel like there’s nothing that exciting on Depop or in a second hand shop and so it can put you off looking again soon. However, new items will be constantly getting uploaded or donated by the hour, so what you might be struggling to look through one day could be a gold mine the next. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you have to get the bus to town everyday just to look in the charity shops, but just by simply adding them to the places you’ll visit every time you go shopping will give you so much more variety.

4. Go there first.

Following on from my last point, there is nothing worse than seeing an item so similar to an item you’ve just bought up for sale in a different shop at a fraction of the price. This is just an easy solution, but always go to any second hand shops first to see if anything catches your eye. If you’ve done a whole months worth of shopping in one day and then you decide to pop into a charity shop, you’re going to not really care as much to find anything as you’ll already have bags filled with new things.

5. Consider how it would work with what you already have.

Just because an item isn’t exactly something you’d normally go for, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. That piece might be the exact type of thing that you’re missing from your wardrobe which you might discover that you become obsessed with, if you give it a go. If you’re buying the exact same things every time then it can become very easy to buy things because you always wear that item, which yes theoretically is a good thing, but in the long run will just cause you to feel like there isn’t much variety in your wardrobe. So try something new, this is the perfect chance to experiment and evolve your style since it’s cheap enough and isn’t doing much damage to your bank account or the environment for that matter!

This vintage dress is from Marie Curie, it was just £1.99!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that you’ve gotten at least one thing out of it, if you have any questions about the subject or just want to talk about some things you’ve found recently, just pop me a message!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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