2019 designer wish-list

Hello everyone! Earlier this week I put a poll on my Instagram for you to pick whether you’d like to see a capsule wardrobe guide or a designer wish-list, and you all seemed to be super enthusiastic too see the wish-list! I’m always super curious about what other people would dream of owning and if you’re the same, here’s some of my personal desires!


An all time personal favourite for myself and an iconic piece for the Shrimps brand, my main fashion investment that I’m aiming towards is to own a Shrimps non-collaborative Shrimps piece, and the Halley bag is something that I’m definitely focusing on for it’s versatility and unique play on textures.

Following on from the Halley bag, this is probably my most favourite item on this list for many reasons, but one in particular is the personal dream of mine to own a little cottage in future as my forever home. This bag reminds me so much of the type of build and surroundings that I’d love to have, so this image translated into a beaded Shrimps bag is exactly what I’d dream of.

There aren’t many high fashion houses that I particularly love for their iconic house handbags, but the Dior Lady bag is one that I’ve always thought was a timeless and beautiful piece, and it’s sturdy shape with a classic two strap handle will prove the test of time very well.


Now shoes are a particular favourite of mine, yet I’m not really a trainer person. Instead, my favourite types of shoes are typically loafers, low heels or sling backs. Miu Miu are a brand that I would happily have any of their shoes if they were handed to me, as the youthful 60’s inspired cutesy vibe of their shoes is nothing to complain about.

However, the shoes I’m particularly dreaming of at the moment are the Gucci low heel loafers in white. This perfect white leather with gold embroidery reminds me so much of Elvis in the 70’s just before he passed away, at a time where his costumes got more and more ridiculous and tacky. However, the £600 mark is not something I could really be considering at this point in time, maybe a graduation present to myself?


As for general clothing pieces, I only had a few statement pieces that came to mind when coming up with this blog post. Two of which are from Shrimps (obviously), one of them is a Gucci skirt from a few seasons ago that I don’t even have to explain as to why I love it, and then I’ve shown a Molly Goddard dress that I’d wear on the daily, however any Goddard dress would be fab for me. I also want to highlight the Alexa Chung face jumper, as nearly two years ago I came so close to buying this piece on black Friday after trying it on. However, the only one they had left in store was a few sizes too big and instead I got a t-shirt, however I still miss it from time to time.


Now this category might seem a bit unusual for a designer wishlist, but I’d definitely say that my guilty pleasure is designer tights. I think that it’s an underrated field of design that a lot of artists are starting to play around with a lotmore, from Marc Jacobs to Molly Goddard.

I’m not really a fan of plain black tights as I think that they can really ruin some outfits, but these styles add a bit more fun and can completely change the tone of a look.

I was glad to know that Acne Studios had recently started it’s summer sale, from which I was to find their beautiful turquoise illustration tights to be half price! I don’t think I’ve ever made a purchase quite as quickly as that, since I’d been eyeing them up for months just waiting for them to be discounted. I haven’t yet worn them as I’m saving them for special occasions, but here’s a pic I got whilst trying them on for the first time. (Just to let you know, they also come in black and beige too).

Well that is my designer wish list as of this current moment in time, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and maybe even found some new favourites for yourselves! I’ll be back next week for another requested topic.

Thanks again,

Sophie x

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