20 years of fashion

(Well, 19 years and 11 months.)

Hello everyone, I’m back again with a more personal blog piece today. As of the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes (as always, but this time in a different way) and more particularly the way in which my own clothes reflect on myself as a person. It’s sounds like a cheesy statement that many fashion based individuals may say from time to time, but in between getting dressed for work everyday and browsing through Instagram for some inspiration, I’ve also started packing my wardrobe for uni and my god is it a challenge.

Now don’t worry I’m not finding the folding and packing part to be too much of a stress, yet. It’s more the continuous questioning of frivolous ideas like ‘will this make a good impression at uni?’ Or ‘is this something that would be practical for the everyday student life?’ Even beyond the generic worrying of fitting into the uni student lifestyle, I’m also picking up pieces that I’ve had in my wardrobe for many years and questioning if they still fit into my idea of ‘me’.

As a kid I never ever cared for clothing at all. Whenever my mam would take me to town I’d probably cry because I hated walking around Topshop and Primark and the closest thing I would get to accessories is the overpriced key rings in Claire’s (r.i.p Claire’s on Linthorpe road). Like many other girls my age, I only had any idea of ‘fashion’ when tumblr became a thing and every girl thought that a flower crown and Chelsea boots were the look.

All things must come to an end and thank god for that, as it wasn’t until I started studying the history of fashion in one of my a-levels that i started getting more of an insight into how fashion has evolved throughout it the decades, and more importantly, I found my own style through it. Along with other factors like colour and preferences that seem to come more naturally, I found exactly what I liked and what my style was.

Not much has changed in that time. My love for colours has also began to include even more brighter colours whether they suit my pale skin or not. I’ve became comfortable with adding trainers into day to day life, as mid heels aren’t really ideal for working in an escape room. I’ve became ever so slightly intrigued by men’s street style and how that has became such an important factor in men’s lives today, however I would still call myself a bit of a rookie in that field of styling.

So, I’m soon to be 20 and I know what I like and what I wear, yet I’m still clenching onto certain pieces that I just can’t let go of. As Marie Kondo would say, they do in fact bring me joy just from looking at them, yet at the same time I’m also recreating that scene from Toy Story 3 where Andy drops off his toys to Bonnie before he leaves for uni. I am Andy, the toys are my past loved pieces that I treasure deeply but never wear, and Bonnie is in fact the friends that I trust enough to make good use of them (Holly you better look after that paisley shirt).

This post didn’t exactly have a particular purpose other than for me to reflect on my clothing pieces that I treat like my own children. Fashion is both my aspiring creative field and also my hobby, I love getting dressed in the morning and thinking of what to wear the next day. Call me sad but I can’t wait to see what half sober outfits I chuck on together at 9am in a few weeks time.

P.s. trends come and go, wear whatever you want and laugh back at it in 10 years time.

See you soon,

Sophie x

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