5 jean-less smart casual uni outfits

Hello again lovely people, today I’m back with another uni post that was very recommended from my recent poll. A few of you were suggesting that I do an autumnal, comfy yet ‘put together’ look-book that would be suitable for university days and maybe even a cheeky bite to eat afterwards. So, here’s an attempt at some formal yet practical outfits that can be taken with a pinch of salt to work for your own taste and style.

1. 60’s meets Chef Ramsay

The t-shirt and trousers combo: a classic. Any structured trousers give off the illusion of being wide awake when you got dressed that morning, whilst also remaining quite comfortable and warm for the more windy days. A t-shirt keeps it casual and relaxed, yet this particular pairing keeps the whole look balanced and doesn’t give off the idea that you tried to hard (even though you probs did for the first day and never to be repeated for your entire academic year). Gingham is optional, cute t-shirt is compulsory.

2. Don’t forget your ID with this youthful outfit

Although it’s undeniable that you’ll look at least 7 years younger in this outfit, I’d say a pinafore is definitely a student essential. When you’re too tired to think of a cohesive outfit, put a pinafore over any jumper for a quick and easy outfit without any fancy stuff, whilst also keeping warm and practical.

3. Turtleneck for added Autumn

Now it wouldn’t be autumn if I didn’t chuck in a turtleneck here and there now would it? This calls for the perfect time to grab your summer dresses that you’ve been clenching into for these past few breezy weeks. Any neckline of dress could work for this combo, but I’d particularly recommend something strappy so that you don’t end up sweating to death in your first lecture, gotta keep all potential dilemmas to a minimum.

4. The Doctor tribute act

Is this an interpretation of Jodie Whittaker’s role as The Doctor? Am I trying to get in the tutors good books by literally copying her wardrobe? It’s debatable, but one thing that’s for sure is that you can’t go wrong with a shirt and skirt combo. Minus the patent coat and the ridiculously tiny bag in comparison to your stash of brand new stationery, this is completely a wearable look that could be suited to anyone. Switch the corduroy midi skirt for a denim skirt, tuck in a shirt of your choice and you’re good to go.

5. Business at the top, party at the bottom

A polo or button up shirt is a must have in every wardrobe as it’s suitable for any occasion, yet paired with an item that you might consider to be ‘not dressy enough’ and you’ve got the perfect balance of comfy yet formal. These flared trousers, although hella cute, do in fact resemble a pair of pyjama bottoms (and if it’s a hungover morning, that will most definitely add to the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look). However, this combo creates a super wearable yet chic look.

A pro tip, monochrome of any colour always looks put together, so if you’re struggling to piece an outfit together by item, try mixing it up with colours from a similar colour palette.

Well this was my 5 back to uni styling ideas that I hope you’ve enjoyed! These outfits can be translated into your own wardrobe to suit your own pieces and taste, so I hope you’ve got some ideas brewing for what to wear for your first week!

Sophie x

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