Formal flat shoes for any occasion

Hello again lovely people! As it’s now day 4 of my back to uni series, and we’ve explored everything from styling tips to figuring out what you even like in the first place, I thought we’d take it easy today with some fun and fancy flat shoes on ASOS that are minimal in any uncomfortable heels, yet still look super suitable for any formal occasion. I’ve tried to select a variety of different styles and colours, textures and materials, just in the hopes that you reading might find even just that one perfect pair that you could see yourself in.

ASOS Design Snaffle Loafer

Starting off with a classic black loafer, these babies are a must have for practically anyone on the planet. If you don’t already own a pair then this faux leather horse bit pair are the all round great option to add to your wardrobe. Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a slightly more put together look, or a matching suit to complete an already formal outfit. (£25)

ASOS Design Mae Western Shoes

These western style shoes were one of the first pairs I considered to add into this post, I mean just look at them! Suitable for either day or night wear, these shoes not only feel fancy, but also don’t include a huge heel like most traditional western style boots have. Comfort and style came together and made this pair you see right before your eyes. (£32)

ASOS Design Ludo Bow Ballet Flats

Ah yes now we’re all familiar with a simply ballet flat, however this particular pair are good for a super chic yet comfortable footwear choice. The patent material means that any rainy wedding won’t ruin these babies, yet they’re so well balanced with the textured bow on top without being too childish. (£18)

ASOS Design Bow Slingback Flats

Now for the more experimental cousin of the previous pair, we have these beautiful pink velvet sling backs. If you’re looking for a statement shoe to compliment a more laid back outfit, then this is the answer to your prayers. It would be super interesting to see these paired with a plain black midi dress or maybe even a full black suit, if that’s more to your taste. (£22)

ASOS Design Malta Mule Beige Croc

Now for my personal FAVOURITE pair which I’m most definitely contemplating buying for myself, we have these beige coloured faux croc mules with a super elegant tortoise shell buckle. This is the pair that would most definitely suit any colour palette, any outfit and any occasion, rain or shine, full day event or just there for the buffet kind of trip. (£22)

ASOS Design Sochi Slingback Mid Heels

If you’re a fan of Chanel’s more recent summer shows than this is the type of shoe that you might be interested in. This woven texture with the classic black toe and detailing is so reminiscent of some current Chanel pieces out right now, yet for a fraction of the price. These shoes would be a great late summer addition that you know will be still in style to wear for many summers to come! (£32)

ASOS Design Chunky Brogue In Green

Saving potentially the best for last, we have these Dr Marten-esque bottle green brogues that were way too good of a find to not include in this post. Suitable for any masculine or feminine taste, these shoes are a super great choice for any occasion you might have coming up. Even besides any formal events, these shoes are also a perfect pair for everyday use if you fancy something a bit more cool looking. (£30)

So there we have some of my top picked flat shoes for any formal occasion, or even just for some extra fancy day to day wear. I hope that you’ve found at least that one perfect pair that you might consider investing in, especially as party season is coming closer and closer!

Sophie x

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