Freshers night out styling

Hello once again good readers! Today I’m back with the 5th segment of my Back To Uni series, which also means that it’s the final blog post of this series. Although I’ve had a great time writing, photographing, and general blogging over the past five days, I thought it was rightfully time to finish off this series with a well suited freshers night out styling post.

These outfits feature only 6 items and are an example of how many different looks you can get when interpreting each item differently (a dress can be a top if you try hard enough… at tucking it in without the bunching). These pieces were picked as examples as they all follow a similar colour scheme or tone, and are easy to interpret into your own wardrobe which you can obviously add in different elements into these outfits by mixing in layers, textures and colours. So, without any further rambling, here are some freshers week night out styling ideas.

Smart casual / last minute pub trip outfits

Kicking things off with some easy to create laid back outfits, here are a few examples of some quick and simple last minute ideas. Mainly consisting of t-shirts for versatility and trousers for the potential hairy legs or patchy tan if you’re conscious of that type of thing, simple pieces can go a long way with some added accessories like a mini bag or a chunky belt. If you’ve got some time to spare, you could even attempt to master ‘the tuck’ in which I glorify as the achievement of tucking in a long t-shirt, shirt or dress without that unflattering bunching that really kills the moment.

Something a bit more fancy

Feeling like you need a bit of TLC, maybe a dressed up cocktail night after a crying session over a tough day at uni? Here’s a few examples of some still chill yet slightly more dressed up looks that can be suited for a last minute girls night that has the potential to turn into a not-coming-home-until-the-morning night. A mesh top and jeans pairing is great for if you’re not feeling like showing any skin but you still want to look a bit fun, or alternatively you could opt for a classic t-shirt and dress combo for that extra 90’s look.

If it’s a big occasion or you just want to go full on

For if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, you’re going out out, or you’ve suddenly been invited to the same event as the lad you’ve been in love with for a whole 3 days, this is your solution. Like I said previously, any dress can be a top if you try hard enough, and if you’ve got a non figure-hugging skirt on top then it’s completely foolproof. Yet if you’re feeling like being a bit more bold and eye-catching, why not try mixing some prints? Sticking to the same colour palette always makes this process easier, and the smaller the print the simpler it is to intertwine with another.

So here you have it, this is the final segment of my Back To Uni series. It’s been a hell of a lot of writing and honestly I’m quite excited to have some time out for a whole week whilst I move to Leeds tomorrow and get settled into uni, but I’ll be back next Saturday with another fun blog post!

See you soon,

Sophie x

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