Fashion Philosophie: two years later

Despite the fact that I’m currently living up to the stereotypical ‘student lifestyle’ of being sleep deprived as I’m still feeling tired from my hour long post uni nap, I’m SUPER excited to be reminiscing on a whole two years of blogging! I asked you guys on my insta story the other day about what type of topic that you’d like me to cover on this special occasion and the running theme was to revive some of my outfits and favourite pieces of clothing over the past two years and share my thoughts on how I believe my style has changed, if at all (keep reading to find out).

Autumn/Winter 2017

The period that I’d started my blog in the later months of 2017, seen quite a different style to what I’d wear today.

In terms of silhouettes and proportions I’d say that the clothes were still the same, yet the colour palette was edged towards more darker jewel tones, or it would be a mixture of the primary colours.

At the time I was working on the History of Fashion for my Art History a-level, so I was taking in a lot of references from different periods; particularly eras like the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Spring/Summer 2018

Still continuing on from the last season, I still enjoyed playing with more darker tones, with a slow introduction to some more brighter pieces.

The monochromatic outfit from when I went to Paris is what I believe to be was the start of my love for colour blocking with similar brighter tones.

Another piece that Callum picked out are my beloved Valentine’s Day Dr Martens which took me a whole 7 months to get my hands on. It’s rare that I will wear them out due to their bright white body, but trust me they are very much a well loved pair of shoes.

Autumn/Winter 2018

Ah yes the start of Foundation, probs the best year of my life.

Starting of with the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen in my life which I wore for my birthday. It had everything; the belle sleeves, the stunning bright print, the neck tie detail. I just love that dress.

I believe that clothes not only reveal a lot about your personality, but they can very much show your mood and your attitude to life at that point in time.

At this point I was so happy to be on the same course as my best friends in the same environment and to have another year to get prepared for uni, so my wardrobe naturally got a lot brighter and a lot more fun.

The leopard print coat is one that I wore to death and will still continue to wear to death this year, and the Shrimps X Converse jumper with matching trainers is an outfit that I’ll never get tired of repeating.

Spring/Summer 2019

Not only did I feel happy about how my life was going, but I felt happy about myself.

Getting into uni and getting a distinction in Foundation gave me the confidence that I really needed, and then that reflected on how I felt about myself personally.

I felt just as comfortable in a bralette as I did in a big baggy cardigan (that beloved purple cardigan). And thus as the summer heatwave just never ended, I was happy to get my arms out or get my legs out and dance with some mates from day drinking until I’m the first to say I’m off to bed.

Autumn/Winter 2019

So here we are now, in the present day. I’ve moved out, turned 20, started university, made so many friends and had many new experiences, and so my style is definitely shifting again.

It’s not that I don’t like dressing up in a pink midi skirt with a contrasting green top to match, because I could even wake up tomorrow and feel like wearing it, but right now I just feel more interested in balancing tones and textures and patterns.

I’ve started to introduce a lot more neutral tones into my wardrobe as I find that they’re quite calming colours that work beautifully with each other in this changing of seasons.

A key piece you’ll be seeing a lot of on my instagram is the amazing PVC printed coat from Nastygal that I was eyeing up for a good year before finally caving and getting.

The first time I wore it my dad said I looked like The Doctor, so I’ll now refer to it as my Doctor Who coat.

Thank you!

I know it’s cliche but I’d just like to thank everyone who’s ever read my blog, consistently reads my blog, comments or dm’s me with support or questions or anything to show that you listened.

This blog is my baby and for the past two years I’ve loved being able to talk about whatever fashion related drama or ideas that are on my mind and it’s been even better to hear a great response from everyone.

So thanks again for all the kind words, this is now my 49th blog post and I’ll be sure to be making many more in the future.


Sophie x


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