Festive season outfits

Hello hello! It’s been a short while since I’ve wrote on here (I’m currently fully invested in the uni life right now) but I thought I’d take some time to have a good browse at some of the amazing festive season party outfits that are out at the minute. These were all heavily inspired by my 2020 trend forecasting post I wrote back in the summer, but the roaring 20’s is most definitely the predominant theme across all of these looks!

Now I know I preach about sustainability in most of my topics, which I do fully stand by, but it’s highly unrealistic that the everyday person and people who may be on a tighter budget would be able to afford to get dressed up and fancy whilst still being 100% ethical and all the other faff that goes along with it. SO, I’ve combined a few popular online stores that I know people will be confident in the sizing and general quality of the pieces, and so that you can be sure to get a great outfit in time for the festive season.


To kick things off, Nastygal currently have a huge range of party wear available to suit everyone’s styles and shapes, but this blazer did certainly catch my eye! Wear over a turtleneck for a more formal approach, or on its own for more of a bold statement. Maybe you could pair it with this necklace set for some added details? If blazers aren’t necessarily your type of thing, maybe a simple satin dress can do the talking. Either way, both of these looks would be incredible with an oversized fur coat on top.


I decided to have a quick browse on Missguided just to see what the options were, and boy they’ve really went the extra mile with the party looks. With an obvious influence from early 2000’s Paris Hilton in mind, this over the top pink organza dress would definitely grant you the best dressed title at the work Christmas do. If you like the idea but you’re wanting something a bit more subtle, maybe this subtle pink velvet mini dress could be a good idea. Alternatively, you could go the complete opposite route and go for this classic suit, in a nice velvet blazer and trousers combo. To keep your feet looking glam too, these diamante heels would definitely tie the whole look together.


ASOS is the one that I’d definitely give the highest rating to in terms of nailing that 20’s style New Years outfit. From a matching fringed skirt and crop top set, to an embellished super cropped top that could work over any cute slip dresses, they’ve done a good job. If you really wanted to go fully on theme, then this embellished dress with added feather details is surely what you’re looking for. As for shoes, these star print mules add both comfort and fun to your outfit as you dance away into 2020.

So that’s all of the amazing party pieces that I have to share with you today, be sure to let me know if you purchase any of them! I hope December brings along many fun nights out and a lot of good booze.

Sophie x

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