A little blog update as things change

Hello once again you lovely people, I wish I was writing to you on better terms. As we have all not stopped hearing over the past few weeks, this virus is gradually taking over pretty much every part of our society and many of you might be feeling a bit curious as to what to do with so much time alone.

A lot of the typical leisure activities we all enjoy from time to time are being cut off from our regular routine, whether it be shopping, eating out, going to the cinema maybe. Not only those more everyday things, but also large scale events like holidays and festivals are at risk too. This also means that in a fashion context, big events like the met gala and many runway shows are also dropping like flies.

Now although this doesn’t sound like the end of the world particularly, (in the grand scheme of things it most definitely isn’t), but obviously to us people it’s what we enjoy and what we look forward to each year, so it’s totally okay to be a bit upset about things that you’re passionate about not being able to exist at this current moment in time.

Now I wanted to come onto here to have a fully open conversation about my thoughts on how this blog will be for the foreseeable future. Of course the industry is a domino affect and if there’s no runway shows, there’s nothing to review. If there’s no big events such as the met gala, there’s nothing to discuss. Even just my everyday styling posts and pieces that I write in relation to a certain holiday or a time of the year, it would be quite insensitive and rather a bit pointless to suggest any day drinking styling tips if nobody can leave the house.

So this is where I could do with a bit of consideration and also some suggestions. I’m going to try my best to write as much as possible whilst I actually have the time off to do so, but of course I want it to be relevant and worth the read, yet I’d also want it to potentially be a source of escapism from these quite challenging times. I’ve heard from a fair few of you that have said you’re not fully aware of current fashion or that you don’t even care for it, but it’s just something fun to read at the end of a long day, so I want to keep providing that in some way for those who would benefit.

As it stands I have a fair few ideas on certain topics or themes that I’d like to explore on here, but it’s just a matter of what response I get that will determine what I’ll prioritise. So far I’m edging towards discussing styles or runway shows from previous years or decades as I know some of you have mentioned things like this in the past. I also would love to delve into my work surrounding my degree and any home projects I might be working on, as again I’ve had a few of you in the past ask me in more detail about my work if I share it on my instagram page. As well as that, I know that a fair few of you have asked for advice on fashion degrees and what to look out for, so those discussions are coming soon.

As always, I’m always appreciative of any kind of input or suggestion from you, and especially at more challenging times like this it’ll definitely go a long way. I want to stay motivated and creative in this prolonged period of isolation, so I want to start working on these talks as soon as possible. So please, do give me a message with any ideas you might have!

Thanks for reading this little update, I thought it would be more personal to actually write down my thoughts through this space rather than just on an insta story. So yes please do get in touch with any suggestions and I’ll speak to you soon.



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