Are you dressing up or dressing down?

Hello once again lovely people, I really hope that things are going somewhat smoothly for you at this point in time. I try to maintain this space to work as a form of escapism for some of you, so I thought I’d tackle a subject that I’ve seen circling around the fashion side of social media recently, which I had also been thinking about too. One of the less serious yet still relevant questions that came into my head once I started to think about self isolating (from a fashion design student / fashion blogger’s perspective) was what am I going to wear for the next few months?

At first I thought it sounded ridiculous and childish to be thinking of more frivolous things in such a climate that we’re in right now. Yet like I’ve said multiple times, fashion for me, and many others for that matter, is what we use as a way of expression and feeling good about ourselves. The same thing goes for doing your makeup, hair, whatever it may be that you enjoy. If we have nowhere to go and nothing to do that’s suitable for dressing up, then should we just dress in joggers and hoodies for three months?

My short answer: it’s all up to how you want to treat this ‘break’. If you’re using it to concentrate on any kinds of hobbies or side pleasures that you don’t always get to flourish in, then you might want some kind of routine to your days in order to feel productive and in control of your situation. It sounds cliche but minor tasks like getting dressed, making your bed, or cooking a proper breakfast can completely change your attitude for the day, and so those minor tasks may cause which side of the bed you get out of in the morning (quite literally too).

Even if it just means that you wear a t-shirt dress instead of a nightie or a loose fitting shirt instead of a pyjama shirt, it’s a small adjustment to feel a bit more ready for the day. What’s stopping you there? If you’ve got a silky smooth slip dress that makes you feel more put together whilst not making you uncomfortable, then why not pair that with a little white t-shirt underneath? That way you still feel ‘office appropriate’ but in the comfort of your own home.

I think that the key thing is to find what suits your change in lifestyle as time goes on, and how long we’re in this position for. I’d say if you want to get off on the right foot then dress for how YOU would want to dress if you were in the right career or you had the ability to wear a particular outfit in your everyday job, because now is your chance. You can wear whatever you want and get on with your career from your living room without the pressure of dress codes or feeling out of place in an office.

I hope that this piece has maybe assured or encouraged at least one or two of you to dress how you want to in this strange time off. It’s little things like this that help us take control of our days when we may feel like we don’t have much freedom at all. So, whether you’re wearing full gowns or joggers and a t-shirt, I hope that you’re comfortable and spending this time as best as you possibly can.


Sophie x

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