A week of style prompts with Lucy Harbron

Hello hello, I’m back with a new post and this time it’s a collab! A dear internet friend of mine, Lucy Harbron, proposed the idea of us recreating a series from Man Repeller, in which we give each other not-so-typical styling prompts for each day of the week. Each of these themes were peculiar enough for us to think outside of the box for what to wear for the day, yet because we’d proposed these ideas for each other it was quite personal and fun to do. I’d highly recommend having a look into Man Repeller’s posts on this if you’re looking for a different approach to getting dressed in the morning!

Friday: Shuffle Lana Del Rey and wear something inspired by the song it lands on

Starting off on the right foot, I was so happy about the subject for day one. Lucy and I both share a great admiration for Lana Del Rey, if it wasn’t already obvious. I was quite thankful that when I pressed shuffle on the singer’s Spotify that the song “High By The Beach” from Honeymoon came on (especially since it’s one of my favourite albums too).

My Shrimps X Warehouse dress seemed like an obvious choice that I simply couldn’t resist. Not just in it’s whimsical sea bed print, but also in its tie back feature and it’s ruffled hem that finishes just above the ankle, which takes me back to walking around in Alicante last summer. I wore it on top of this oatmeal coloured puffed sleeve top that I simply can’t fault. It gave me a bit of extra warmth whilst also making the summertime feeling dress seem a bit more staying at home appropriate (sadly). I feel like the song itself presents a feeling of frustration and finally picking up and leaving, which I feel like the combination of these muted colours also reflects on.

Saturday: Dress like a rich, bratty toddler

When I looked at the theme for this day I got very very excited and it’s a bit embarrassing. I’m all for cheesy and over the top pieces, especially those that don’t follow the shape of a woman’s body. For me this top is the embodiment of a childish character that gets dressed in pieces that contradict how careless that child is. This taffeta style top from Topshop was the perfect option for day two, along with my trusty gingham trousers also from the same shop.

Sunday: Style up your pyjamas or something that feels like nightwear

To be honest I found it quite difficult to work with this theme, not necessarily for the theme itself, but just simply because my pyjama section does not contain a single item without some form of damage done to it. However, lockdown did have me invest in two pairs of joggers (which is the first time I’ve worn a pair in probably 6 years) and so this pink pair from Topshop were the perfect candidate.

My most favourite way of styling up these joggers is with this little pink wrap top, you guessed it, also from Topshop. I’m a huge fan of monochrome styling in a colour format, and these two shades really compliment each other very well. I also admire the ballerina off duty vibe that they give off, which is a mood that I’m always aspiring towards yet I’m nowhere near flexible enough to actually live it out.

Monday: Clash as dramatically as you can

Ah yes some print clashing, nothing new to my style but something I never get bored of. So when I was thinking of what type of print I’d like to feature that would make quite a statement, there was simply nothing more dramatic than this pleated monkey skirt from H&M a few years back, and yes they are in fact wearing crowns. As for the top I went with this ruffled oversized Peter Pan collared shirt from Primark. These two pieces were very much opposites alone, but combined in their neutral tones they fused together quite well.

Tuesday: Dress as your alter ego

I was in a right pickle over this theme for a few days, which also led to me realising how 2D of a person I actually am. I couldn’t quite think of an alter ego for myself that I didn’t already share so publicly anyway, so I decided to go for my fashion alter ego, a Chanel girl. It might come as a surprise from this Molly Goddard tulle Shrimps beaded bag loving gal, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the minimalist and formal outfits of the Chanel and Dior models. Not so much for the trendy things featured in recent seasons, but more of the nautical/wartime/New Look of the decades past.

Wednesday: Let your 16 year old self dress you

Wednesday’s theme was quite ironic because although it’s obvious that I take elements from youthful styles, I actually had nothing in my wardrobe that represented my 16 year old style that well. Sophie four years younger was mad over skinny jeans and off the shoulder tops, both of which are almost extinct in my wardrobe today.

However, younger Sophie also really appreciated a pinafore and shirt combo from time to time, which she would go on to appreciate more and more as time went on. There’s one burgundy corduroy pinafore that I do still have from this period, as it holds fond memories of me begging my mam for this one quite pricey pinafore from topshop for months before she finally caved in and got me it. However, I went for this more pinky toned cord pinafore from Primark to suit with the shirt a bit more, which I got from Miss Selfridge a while back.

Thursday: Wear something inspired by a Monet painting

I was SO excited to wear this dress that I’d recently purchased from Zara, and this prompt gave me the perfect reason to wear it. It’s taffeta like texture makes it drape beautifully and it gives the sleeves even more puff than usual. The beautiful shade of pink in the flowers brought to mind the similar imagery used in Claude Monet’s work, especially when surrounded by earthy shades of yellow and green.

I styled it with my well loved white floral lace tights from Topshop, as not only does the floral theme continue, but the white lace texture is also reminiscent of the washed out white skies he would commonly feature. I also teamed this look with my beautiful floral tapestry slingbacks from Primark that I need to get more wear out of. It’s also came to my attention that this is the only outfit from this post that features shoes, so I’m a bit fearful of the post lockdown period where every shoe I own feels brand new and it’s blisters central over here. I’ll make the most of my pain free feet whilst I can.

Friday: Power dress to the max

Last but not least we’ve got the Friday power dressing extravaganza. I was actually not feeling to well this day, so I wanted something that still felt ultra put together, yet wasn’t too restraining in any of the wrong places. The combo of pink polo neck and my beautiful Saturday jumper is one that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, so I thought that the white cord skirt would act as a nice compliment to the pink heavy upper half. Finished with a Topshop blazer that I recently purchased from depop, as well as my ride or die Shrimps bag, I certainly felt a lot more put together than I had been for a few times during lockdown.

So that’s it from me for mine and Lucy’s week in outfits posts, now is your chance to take a look at Lucy’s post to see what prompts I gave her! Hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll be back sooner than you think.



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