It’s been a while

Hello old friend, long time no see (besides on Instagram). I took a bit of an unintentional break from this blog for quite some time, not for any particular reason besides getting distracted by other things, It only just came to my attention that this little ‘time out’ period has been going on since May (which feels like a lifetime ago) so apologies to anyone that was anticipating a speedy return!

I know it’s a cliche thing to say “omg so much has happened since we last spoke!” But I think two more lockdowns on top of the first one is an acceptable occasion to use it. Besides the still very real pandemic and the general void of nothingness, there hasn’t been a lot going on within the fashion industry for me to write whole pieces on, which is why I’ve favoured more tightly packed Instagram stories for the odd topics here and there.

I started my own fashion brand back in September, and I had my first mini collection launch in November. It’s been really fun to put my time towards, but it’s also had its own struggles along the way. If I were to sum it up, try to order fabric samples with postage delays, then use the fabric and attempt to buy more but thanks to COVID there’s not enough stock, then eventually find an alternative fabric but you’ve ran out of zippers, and the circle of life continues.

That’s enough of being a negative Nancy, in all seriousness I love having the brand to work on. I started a YouTube channel back at the start of the first lockdown which gave me the confidence and support I didn’t even realise I needed to fully go for starting my dream job. At the minute it’s just a part time thing since I’m still at uni (let’s not talk about that) but I’m hoping to progress it further in the summer. I’ve got a lot of big ideas that I’m trying not to get too carried away with since a lot of it is out of my budget, but I’ll still be bringing out some cool new stuff in future!

Also, in the time since I last posted on here until now, I’ve went from a “nah I hate tik tok it’s so cringy” person to a “Yes I’ve made three tik toks today and I’ve done no work” person. I actually quite like how laid back it is, it’ll take 2 minutes to make one not so perfect outfit video versus 200 photos for that one good one for Instagram, yet the tik tok algorithm LOVES the imperfect stuff? Instagram needs to lower their standards or soon they’ll have nobody.

Anyway, this was just a brief update to say I haven’t disappeared from Earth and I’m hoping to get back into blogging in the foreseeable future, so stay in touch!

Lots of love,

Sophie x

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