Spring at Zara

For the first ‘new in’ post on my blog for a while, it only makes sense to combine two of my favourite things: Spring and Zara. I feel a bit late to the Zara train, since I only properly started shopping there when I moved to Leeds a year and a half ago (I guess Middlesbrough isn’t cool enough). Although they can be a bit pricey for the high street, I think their designs are the best you’re going to get in terms of looking fancy on a budget.

During the autumn/winter months, Zara was all over social media for their lockdown appropriate loungewear, specifically their knitted shorts combos and that sleeve only high neck jumper. They’ve adapted some of these themes whilst giving them a pop of colour revamp, since you simply cannot go into spring without some pastel in your life, it’s criminal.

It’s quite funny when you think about how the change in seasons no longer affects what we choose to wear for the most part, since we haven’t been going outside for the past 6 months. Yet, I’m still looking forward to having the semi annual wardrobe switch over, which is now a little bit more complicated since my clothes are travelling between cities now rather than cupboards.

I hope you’re just as excited for spring as I am, the dark days alongside lockdown aren’t exactly ideal. If you do purchase any of these items then do show me when you get them! I’d love to see what everyone likes.

Speak soon,


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