My favourite second hand finds of 2020

So I’ve just remembered that I made one of these last year and I’d love for it to be a regular thing to look back on, so I thought I’d make another one for my 2020 finds! Although the charity shops and vintage shops have been shut for the most part, I’ve reignited my love for depop, so here we go!

1. Gucci loafers

Kicking off with possibly my best second find of the year, my beautiful Gucci loafers! These babies had been on my long term wishlist for a few years, thinking it would be years before I was able to afford them. Flash forward to scrolling on depop one day and I managed to find them for a super discounted price!

They were basically brand new and came with all the original packaging, including two mini dust bags to keep them safe. I’ve gotten so much wear out of them in the past year due to them being super convenient to shot on and head out the door. They go with so much and they look particularly good with denim given the pink on blue combo, so overall a 10/10 investment!

2. Lilac suit set

This little lilac suit set was one of those jackpot finds on depop that you only come across every once in a while. I was actually looking for a different pastel suit from topshop at the time, but I managed to find this one (originally from Miss Selfridge) for £15!

The main thing I was pleased with was the fit. Usually I go for more oversized blazers and longer shorts but this combo being on the more fitted side is quite flattering. The quality also feels very good too, the fabric is a sturdy linen type of texture which makes the blazer hold its shape very well. My favourite way of styling it is with my beautiful pale yellow Marc Jacobs bag for a complimentary look!

3. Nakey nakey nakey t-shirt

Now this one might come as a surprise as being classed as one of my favourite second hand finds of the year, but it’s actually one that I’d contemplated for the longest time! This t-shirt was originally quite popular a few years back when Rihanna released the song Wild Thoughts and everyone went crazy for it, but I found it on depop for a mere £5.

I’d been after this t-shirt for a while as I liked the quite numerous embroidery, especially when layered under a blazer and the singular ‘nakey’ can be seen. However, I was quite surprised to find that the quality of both the embroidery and the t-shirt itself we’re both very good! I don’t often favour fitted t-shirts, but I love having this one as a good alternative.

4. Green blazer

This one is also one I’d been seeking out for quite some time, it’s this apple green blazer originally from Topshop. I remember contemplating buying it when it first came out but the price point was just that bit too much for my budget. When it went on sale it had sold out in my size, but then eventually I managed to find it on depop for £15.

This one comes with a matching pair of trousers, but I personally love it with jeans or pink trousers for a nice contrast. I’m slowly growing my blazer collection as that’s what I get the most wear out of, and so I was quite happy with this addition to my wardrobe. It’s light colour and linen like texture make it great for the spring/summer time, especially over a t-shirt and denim shorts!

5. Brown slip dress

Last but certainly not least we have this beloved Primark slip dress that I found (you guessed it, on depop) for just £5! I love a good slip dress for layering and this one has a beautiful sheen to it that’s great on sunny days.

I got most of my wear out this piece over the late autumn/early winter time, as the colour is really great with more darker shades. My favourite style to wear it with is usually a graphic t-shirt of some sorts, as the cut of the neckline usually sits quite well on it.

So that’s it for my 2020 second hand favourites, I love doing this as an annual thing so I’ll definitely be making another one for this year! If you’ve found any interesting second hand finds lately then I’d love to see them.

Speak to you soon,


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