Spring/Summer trend forecast 2022

As January is being a typical never ending January, I thought it would be fun to discuss what exciting fashion themes will be popping up within the next few months (besides the inevitable pastel colours and layering that is).

The general consensus is that this year there’s a heavy concentration on interesting trims and professional feminine silhouettes. This could be influenced by society getting back into the open, whether it be working in the office again or going to big fancy events. The main idea is that we’re going big because we’re NOT going home.

1. Jackie O suits

Starting off strong, we’ve got the classic two piece suit sets. Don’t get me wrong, co-ords are always a main feature in spring. However, we’re taking the matchy matchy vibe one step further with a huge emphasis on bold, bright colours. It’s not about “i’m going to work so i need to look put together”, its “i’m going to the office after spending a year hardly leaving my home, its time to make the most of the little things like making an effort to look professional”.

Or, if you happen to not work somewhere with a more laid back dress code, the two piece suit could be a fun choice when going out for cocktails or a fancy meal. The best thing about a skirt and suit jacket combo is that you can style the underneath layer however you want, whether it be something casual like a t-shirt or bodysuit, or a little more dressy like a shirt or turtleneck. It’s a super wearable and timeless set so it’s a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking towards a long term investment.

2. ballet flats

I feel like a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with ballet flats, you see a cute everyday shoe but you feel the pain of sore blisters after a few hours wear. Well if you can find yourself some plasters or thick tights (or both, better to be safe than sorry) then ballet flats are a must for spring!

Although some designers have had their own spin on a ballet flat, even to the extremes like the Maison Margiela Tabi, you can’t go wrong with just the traditional flat. They’re an easy option for everyday styling, I could imagine the Tik Tok ‘that girl’ trend being particularly fond of putting on some classics for slightly more formal errands. Wear with a pair of sheer tights, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, maybe a floral lace pair? Ooh, black ballet flats with white lace tights, that’s an idea i’ll definitely be keeping in mind for Spring.

3. feather trims

Ah yes, going out attire just got that bit more extra. It’s been a while since feathers have returned to the runway in such mass exposure, but I’m quite happy about it. There’s nothing that screams fancy quite like feathers waving around your cuffs whilst you’re speaking. I’d like to thank the brand Sleeper for introducing feather trim pyjamas to a modern day audience, I’m particularly fond of their attitude towards styling pyjamas as outerwear too.

Although this might seem a little bit too much for your taste, if you’re feeling brave you could try the trim in a very casual way. Imagine a simple jeans an white loose button up shirt outfit, except the shirt has a subtle matching white trim of feathers along the cuffs for a little extra something. Many feather trim pieces these days are removable because they’re attached with poppers so its easier to wash, so if you’re a bit hesitant about how much you’d wear something feathery, this could be a great option for you!

4. Empire line dresses

This is a trend i’m quite excited to see in fashion at the minute, and its empire cut dresses. Similar to a babydoll style of a raised waistline, an empire line differs in that it’s still fitted at the bust rather than flowy like a babydoll dress. It’s a very 60’s cut, which doesn’t make its revival a surprise following the continuous influence this decade has had on fashion in recent years.

This style of dress is great for if you’re after something a bit more elegant than a babydoll dress, but you’re still wanting the comfort over your waist. Although traditionally this silhouette was mainly used in the 1800s with a full length skirt, the 60’s version with a mini skirt would still feel modern today.

5. bows

Now for my personal favourite revival, bows. Little bows, large bows, extra large bows, long bows, short bows, pairs of bows, the full range. whether featured on a spaghetti strap or the top of an opera glove, running up knee high socks or as a tie back detail, bows are really being used to their full advantage by a range of designers this year.

A great everyday way to wear one is a simple hair bow at the back of the head: a very popular styling trend on pinterest at the minute. For something a bit more 60’s (maybe to match your empire dress hmm?) you could try one at the top of your head in front of a high ponytail. If you’re looking to go a bit more out there, maybe you could get creative and find a nice ribbon to attach to a pin, then you have the option to attach it wherever you like!

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