SHUSHU/TONG – everything you need to know 🎀

They keep pushing the concept of boundaries between girl and woman, redefining femininity with modern cool attitude.

Started in 2015, SHUSHU/TONG is a Shanghai based upcoming brand, created by designers Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang. The duo are both London College of Fashion graduates, which if that wasn’t prestigious enough, both have also spent time working at Simone Rocha and Gareth Pugh. It’s easy to pick out the influence that these designers would have had on the pair, as their main drive is to create unique collections that are still accessible, without having to sacrifice femininity in the process.

The emergence of the SHUSHU/TONG brand is quite timely, since post lockdown attitudes have embraced the eccentric hyper-feminine aesthetic that the duo are continuously serving. Although the pandemic will have inevitably had an impact on their ability to grow earlier in their careers, it’s definitely not stopped them at the last hurdle as there’s no signs of these two quitting anytime soon!

Everything that represents the brand at it’s core, from is pastel colour palette to its emphasis on trim and embellishments, reminds me of the girly girl brands that have stood the test of time. SHUSHU/TONG is like a heiress love child of Miu Miu and Simone Rocha.

It seems like they’re channeling their artistic influences into creating beautifully feminine pieces, catering more practical and wearable styles to everyday women rather than the typical high fashion clientele of the upper class. Take the blue dress on the right as an example; although the styling and the set design makes the whole vibe very extravagant, the dress cut and shape is still wearable and not super tight or restraining. It looks like it would be quite comfy to wear without losing its elegant feel, making it a great piece for long day events.

As the house is still making a name for itself, their price point is a lot more affordable than it’s more established influences. As Miu Miu is a sister brand to Prada and is the leading horse in this race, the price of a dress could start at £800 (although most rest at around £2000). Yet a super classy tweed cocktail dress from our beloved SHUSHU/TONG can be found on Farfetch for £420.

The affordability of the brand is definitely something that will be greatly admired from a younger demographic, especially those who have no idea if they’d ever be able to afford ready-to-wear from Miu Miu or Prada. As 21st century post-lockdown women are gripping both hands on the ability to dress as eccentrically as they want, more conscious than ever of the affects of overconsumption and instead choosing to invest in timeless pieces, SHUSHU/TONG is the perfect antidote to all that lusting for dreamy pieces.

Overall, i’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Liushu and Yutong. These two have so much potential and hopefully they will find many opportunities to further grow and continue creating beautiful collections.

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