Jacquemus pink 🌺

It’s a colour that’s been a firm favourite for the past few years running, from the whole neon colours trend of 2019, to a more muted baby pink since then. Yet even still, there’s a particular shade of pink that has stuck around no matter the season or trend, and I like to refer to it as ‘Jacquemus Pink’.

For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection debut, Simon Porte showcased what would be some of his most iconic designs in a lavender field, trailed along a hot pink runway. looking at this pre-pandemic show in hindsight, it seems as though the choices of a solid pink carpet against fields of lavender and a bright blue sky were all combined in hopes of creating some escapism (which even Simon himself wouldn’t realise it’s impact until the following year).

The pink carpet would be a guide to curious fashion lovers as to what the Jacquemus brand would lean towards in terms of establishing its key colour palette. This pink featured on bags and shoes, but most notably, the iconic pink oversized blazer. It’s an exquisite piece of tailoring and the boxy masculine silhouette is perfectly complimented by its rosy tone. Everyone went crazy for it, including myself, and it’s still a piece I’d love to have one day!

Simon dedicated a whole collection to pink, bringing out signature styles in the brands new found colour, as well as some slightly kitschy additions like a pair of flip flops shaped like a heart.

This shade of pink has been all over high fashion Twitter as well as fashion Tik-tok following the apps emergence. The versatility of its saturation makes it perfect for bright styles or neutral tones, which pretty much caters for the majority of fashion fans.

It can be something super feminine or just an everyday bright shade, depending on what vibe you are going for. the lack of restraints in terms of colour palette grouping, along the growth in popularity for this exact shade, means that it’s almost skipped the typical trendiness of certain colours and found itself a new home in the everyday classics corner.

Of course as all trends come and go, the fashion industry food chain must eat. Other smaller high fashion brands began to tune into this popular shade, and overtime it’s made its way into the high street. This process does give a person with an everyday income the ability to get involved with a trend they might be interested in, and what better trend to invest in than hot pink!

Two years ago I bought myself a hot pink boxy oversized blazer from the brand Collusion, and honestly it’s one of the best high street pieces i’ve ever bought! The cut of it is almost identical to the original from Jacquemus, and it makes any simple outfit feel that little bit extra fancy. In the winter months I like to wear it over a trusty black turtleneck, and when the weather gets a bit warmer I love wearing it over a plain black bralette for a casual yet still put together outfit.

After spending the past two years absolutely head over heels for this colour, I decided to buy myself the pink ‘Le Bandeau Valensole’ bralette in the Farfetch sale, which I think will be a great summer staple. I’m excited to look at photographs of this time in years to come, all in a hue of fuchsia pink.

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