So you want to know a bit about me?

Well, my name is Sophie and I’m a 22 year old fashion freelancer. I created this blog as part of one of my projects for my History of Art a-level back in October 2017, yet it now keeps me occupied as a fun hobby!

Beyond writing I’m an aspiring designer. I’ve spent years being open-minded to learning new techniques within fashion design, from sewing to embroidery, printing to reworking. Back in my college days you’d always find me by the heat press.

I spend most of my spare time at the pub or watching history documentaries, but even so I still spend a lot of my own ice doing something fashion related, I really can’t get enough of it!

I use this blog to tackle specific issues within the fashion industry, review certain collections or brands, and from time to time just share some online shopping favourites. So go ahead, get reading!

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