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Festive season outfits

Hello hello! It’s been a short while since I’ve wrote on here (I’m currently fully invested in the uni life right now) but I thought I’d take some time to have a good browse at some of the amazing festive season party outfits that are out at the minute. These were all heavily inspired by my 2020 trend forecasting post I wrote back in the summer, but the roaring 20’s is most definitely the predominant theme across all of these looks!

Now I know I preach about sustainability in most of my topics, which I do fully stand by, but it’s highly unrealistic that the everyday person and people who may be on a tighter budget would be able to afford to get dressed up and fancy whilst still being 100% ethical and all the other faff that goes along with it. SO, I’ve combined a few popular online stores that I know people will be confident in the sizing and general quality of the pieces, and so that you can be sure to get a great outfit in time for the festive season.


To kick things off, Nastygal currently have a huge range of party wear available to suit everyone’s styles and shapes, but this blazer did certainly catch my eye! Wear over a turtleneck for a more formal approach, or on its own for more of a bold statement. Maybe you could pair it with this necklace set for some added details? If blazers aren’t necessarily your type of thing, maybe a simple satin dress can do the talking. Either way, both of these looks would be incredible with an oversized fur coat on top.


I decided to have a quick browse on Missguided just to see what the options were, and boy they’ve really went the extra mile with the party looks. With an obvious influence from early 2000’s Paris Hilton in mind, this over the top pink organza dress would definitely grant you the best dressed title at the work Christmas do. If you like the idea but you’re wanting something a bit more subtle, maybe this subtle pink velvet mini dress could be a good idea. Alternatively, you could go the complete opposite route and go for this classic suit, in a nice velvet blazer and trousers combo. To keep your feet looking glam too, these diamante heels would definitely tie the whole look together.


ASOS is the one that I’d definitely give the highest rating to in terms of nailing that 20’s style New Years outfit. From a matching fringed skirt and crop top set, to an embellished super cropped top that could work over any cute slip dresses, they’ve done a good job. If you really wanted to go fully on theme, then this embellished dress with added feather details is surely what you’re looking for. As for shoes, these star print mules add both comfort and fun to your outfit as you dance away into 2020.

So that’s all of the amazing party pieces that I have to share with you today, be sure to let me know if you purchase any of them! I hope December brings along many fun nights out and a lot of good booze.

Sophie x

3 outfits for 3 days in London

London baby! If you’d already guessed from the multitude of instagram posts this week, I spent Monday-Wednesday in the capital for a uni residential trip with a bunch of course mates. It was a trip dedicated to getting us all inspired and motivated to start designing some fun garments as part of our current module, and now I definitely feel well fed on inspiration. In between the many many many wonderful exhibitions and galleries we visited, I did manage to get a good few pics of some outfits I wore.


So thankfully we’d got the train down to London instead of the usual coach option, so by around 1pm we were at the hostel and we’d popped out to get some food. Once we’d settled, we headed over to the Tate to get some geometric art inspiration for one of our current modules. If I’m being totally honest, the work there was great, but we were so tired by this point that we just couldn’t really appreciate it enough. (Wait until Tuesday and then it gets more fun).

As for the outfit, I went for this faux leather dress that I’d been trying to get my hands on for over a month now, paired with my favourite Sax Potts style tights and a new pair of boots I’ve invested in for winter. The whole look was pretty neutral, but I think that it looks quite nice with my pale skin.


Tuesday was most definitely my favourite day of the trip (and one of the best days of my life tbh) from start to finish. After breakfast we headed to Dover Street Market where I finally got to see some of Molly Goddard’s work in real life. Then to seeing some Shrimps bags in Liberty, Henry Holland strolling past us, and all of the gorgeous shops in between, it couldn’t really get much better.

Then we went to the V&A to go see the Tim Walker exhibition, which was quite phenomenal and there’s a hell of a lot of photographs to look at for the price of one ticket! Whilst there I took a little detour into the Mary Quant exhibition (I just couldn’t resist) and I was totally satisfied with the vast collection of shift dresses, pinafores and everything 60’s. I ended up spending quite a bit on the Mary Quant gift shop, but I did get an adorable necklace and two pins out of it that I can get my wear out of.

As for my outfit, I went for something a bit more formal yet I chose a more suitable shoe option for the heavy, heavy amounts of walking we did. Aside from my bag, this outfit cost me a total of a tenner from the charity shop, including the shoes! I had to alter the skirt a little in order to be a bit more flattering, but for £2.99 for the set I just couldn’t resist.


On Wednesday morning we payed a visit to the Christopher Raeburn studio in order to get a behind the scenes look into a real life fashion design working environment. Although the brand was not one that I was particularly fond of before attending their HQ, I was quite impressed by their unique methods of producing sustainable and ethical clothing, such as these pieces which have been made from wartime maps that were made to withstand a hell of a lot of damage.

Following on from the Raeburn visit, we headed straight for the Invisible Men exhibition, a show dedicated to the history and evolution of mens fashion that has often been overshadowed by womenswear. As a whole, the collection was so interesting to see the variation of shapes and styles that menswear can obtain, especially when taken from all kinds of backgrounds.

The exhibition was hosted by the Professor Andrew Groves at the University of Westminster, however you may know him as Alexander McQueen’s ex lover that appeared in the recent McQueen documentary. Of course I had to go up and make conversation with him, and beyond the general talk of the garments included in the exhibition, he also mentioned that when the pair went their separate ways, he tossed out all of his McQueen items as he believed that they were worthless and wouldn’t be valued at anything. (He’s now had to buy many McQueen pieces to include on this exhibition, which could be seen as karma if you believe in that kind of thing).

As for my outfit on Wednesday, I’d packed these amazing croc print trousers that I’d been saving for a fun occasion. With them I went for a more casual white turtleneck to slightly balance it out, however the pvc coat and croc print platform boots did kind of the opposite of this. The shoes were surprisingly very comfy to walk around in, but there was absolutely no elegant way of sitting down and getting back up.

I’m gutted to be back home and back to my usual routine, but I’m definitely feeling tired physically from the amount of walking we did and tired mentally from the amount of information that we had to take in from the hundreds of exhibitions we went to! I might be skint now, but it was so worth it.

Love, Sophie x

Fashion Philosophie: two years later

Despite the fact that I’m currently living up to the stereotypical ‘student lifestyle’ of being sleep deprived as I’m still feeling tired from my hour long post uni nap, I’m SUPER excited to be reminiscing on a whole two years of blogging! I asked you guys on my insta story the other day about what type of topic that you’d like me to cover on this special occasion and the running theme was to revive some of my outfits and favourite pieces of clothing over the past two years and share my thoughts on how I believe my style has changed, if at all (keep reading to find out).

Autumn/Winter 2017

The period that I’d started my blog in the later months of 2017, seen quite a different style to what I’d wear today.

In terms of silhouettes and proportions I’d say that the clothes were still the same, yet the colour palette was edged towards more darker jewel tones, or it would be a mixture of the primary colours.

At the time I was working on the History of Fashion for my Art History a-level, so I was taking in a lot of references from different periods; particularly eras like the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Spring/Summer 2018

Still continuing on from the last season, I still enjoyed playing with more darker tones, with a slow introduction to some more brighter pieces.

The monochromatic outfit from when I went to Paris is what I believe to be was the start of my love for colour blocking with similar brighter tones.

Another piece that Callum picked out are my beloved Valentine’s Day Dr Martens which took me a whole 7 months to get my hands on. It’s rare that I will wear them out due to their bright white body, but trust me they are very much a well loved pair of shoes.

Autumn/Winter 2018

Ah yes the start of Foundation, probs the best year of my life.

Starting of with the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen in my life which I wore for my birthday. It had everything; the belle sleeves, the stunning bright print, the neck tie detail. I just love that dress.

I believe that clothes not only reveal a lot about your personality, but they can very much show your mood and your attitude to life at that point in time.

At this point I was so happy to be on the same course as my best friends in the same environment and to have another year to get prepared for uni, so my wardrobe naturally got a lot brighter and a lot more fun.

The leopard print coat is one that I wore to death and will still continue to wear to death this year, and the Shrimps X Converse jumper with matching trainers is an outfit that I’ll never get tired of repeating.

Spring/Summer 2019

Not only did I feel happy about how my life was going, but I felt happy about myself.

Getting into uni and getting a distinction in Foundation gave me the confidence that I really needed, and then that reflected on how I felt about myself personally.

I felt just as comfortable in a bralette as I did in a big baggy cardigan (that beloved purple cardigan). And thus as the summer heatwave just never ended, I was happy to get my arms out or get my legs out and dance with some mates from day drinking until I’m the first to say I’m off to bed.

Autumn/Winter 2019

So here we are now, in the present day. I’ve moved out, turned 20, started university, made so many friends and had many new experiences, and so my style is definitely shifting again.

It’s not that I don’t like dressing up in a pink midi skirt with a contrasting green top to match, because I could even wake up tomorrow and feel like wearing it, but right now I just feel more interested in balancing tones and textures and patterns.

I’ve started to introduce a lot more neutral tones into my wardrobe as I find that they’re quite calming colours that work beautifully with each other in this changing of seasons.

A key piece you’ll be seeing a lot of on my instagram is the amazing PVC printed coat from Nastygal that I was eyeing up for a good year before finally caving and getting.

The first time I wore it my dad said I looked like The Doctor, so I’ll now refer to it as my Doctor Who coat.

Thank you!

I know it’s cliche but I’d just like to thank everyone who’s ever read my blog, consistently reads my blog, comments or dm’s me with support or questions or anything to show that you listened.

This blog is my baby and for the past two years I’ve loved being able to talk about whatever fashion related drama or ideas that are on my mind and it’s been even better to hear a great response from everyone.

So thanks again for all the kind words, this is now my 49th blog post and I’ll be sure to be making many more in the future.


Sophie x


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New Romantics: would you dress up as a nun on a night out?

Shifting from the punk movement, the 80’s youth still felt neglected by Thatcher’s political agenda and the people involved in this climate. They wanted escapism from this unwelcoming society, without the politics or aggressive tone of the punks. They wanted to fantasise and dress-up without anyone telling them they couldn’t. Thus came the New Romantic period.

Founded within London’s nightclubs such as ‘The Blitz’ and ‘Billy’s’ where popular New Romantic artists like David Bowie and Duran Duran were played, youngsters pushed for a night of fun and extravagance that let them enjoy some time away from their day to day lives. Where instead of being a nobody in a general public, they could be anyone they wanted to be within a club of 70.

Whether it be a nun with 2 foot crimped hair or a pirate with a taste for pink eyeshadow, there were no limitations on what was suitable. There was no gender, background or expectations, it was all just expression and enlightenment. This freedom was what they lacked in the punk period. They no longer wanted to wear a t-shirt of the Queen with crude graffiti on it, they wanted to forget the t-shirt all together and dress in something completely unrelated to any person of political hierarchy.

The styles of the individuals attending these nightclubs were often inspired by the glam rock era and the early romantic period of the late 18th century/early 19th century. People were often characterised by flamboyant and eccentric fashion boutiques such as PX in London and Kahn & Bell in Birmingham, which helped them to explore this new style that had never been played around with before for everyday use.

It’s quite ridiculous to believe that this shift in styles even developed from the punk movement, yet to think that it even existed at all is quite remarkable for the 1980’s. To this day designers still look to this era of fashion for some current day escapism from the same old designs and themes that the industry whacks out each season.

If there’s anything you should take from this post, I’d say to think about the possibility of a reincarnation of the New Romantics era that we could be experiencing right now. No we might not be going out dressed as Jesus or using white face paint as foundation, but the sudden surge of maximalist styles and themes is undeniable.

Festival wear has turned from comfort clothes to every girl needing to find a new outfit that nobody else in a field of 20,000 will have. Drag shows are more popular than ever now. The Met Gala is more anticipated than any fashion week all year round because of how imaginative, unwearable yet artistic it is.

So, do I think we’re going into a maximalist period? Definitely. Will the New Romantic era play a more dominant role in future influences in style, make-up and art? Quite possibly. Are we in need of some imagination and fun in this dull fashion industry? 100%.

Thanks for reading this quick discussion on new romantic style, I was wanting to write something as a form of stress relief so I thought I’d combine it with a topic that I was looking at for my uni work. I’ll be sure to see you again soon with another fun topic, but be sure to let me know if you’d like more history based themes like this!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

Fashion Week highlights

After a slightly longer than planned break from the blog (mainly thanks to turning 20, moving out, starting uni and just generally adjusting to the adult life), I’m back baby! Since I was last active on here, the many different worldwide fashion weeks have been taking place and I’ve been briefly browsing through each of the shows. However, today I took some time out to collect my thoughts together and share some of my personal favourite moments, the things I thought were a bit dry, and all the drama involved in between (ESPECIALLY that Chanel show).

Favourite shows:

Alexander McQueen


So obviously I’m going to have to start off with mentioning that Sarah Burton absolutely killed the McQueen show, without a doubt. She brought back Lee’s signature usage of lace and leather in a much more contemporary manor than current practices from other modern day houses, which felt as if Lee was still alive in the collection. She even managed to find an equal balance between sustaining the McQueen legacy whilst continuing to push the brand into her own direction with wearable and current styles that I can definitely see being a popular choice for next years red carpets.



Valentino also surprised me this time with their choice of colours, or should I say, their lack of it. Many of the looks first seen down the runway were in a block white, leaving most of the focus on the art of garment construction that I think they really wanted to emphasise on in today’s fast fashion and faster trends world. Some of the collection also featured illuminated colours that follow on from his recent shows, however I think that these were a much more commercial decision in response to the current neon trend (art and depth is all good but I get that a brands gotta make money at the end of the day and those with money have no idea what to spend it on that’s worth it).

Louis Vuitton


I’m also quite shocked to say that Louis Vuitton really impressed me this season too. Yes they were yet another brand to be focusing on 70’s silhouettes and colour palettes (not that I’m complaining) yet I think they really hit the nail on the head between referencing history whilst making it contemporary. The tailored jackets were a personal favourite, especially the ones in a PVC/vinyl material that really updated the overall look of the garment whilst being recognisably ‘vintage’. Some of the prints weren’t really necessary, but I mean ugly prints were a key feature of the 70’s so I mean at least they’re being on brand.

Needs some work:


It’s hurts me to say this, but I just couldn’t enjoy the Miu Miu show. As much as I adore the Miu Miu brand and I don’t want to go against sweet little fashion grandma Miuccia Prada’s work and soul, I just didn’t know what was going on. There was such a lack of strong elements that I associate with Miu Miu; there just wasn’t enough colour to make all the boxy jackets look a bit less Chanel fall 2019, all the added ruffle details were kept safe and didn’t really look that exciting, and don’t even get me started on those hippie Santa gilets. Miu Miu is the fun younger cousin of Prada that doesn’t have as much of history to live up to and is more commerically aimed to a younger audience, so the last thing I’d expect a young rich heiress to be wearing is a sad grey sleeveless blazer to  cocktail party or a yacht trip, it just doesn’t work.



Dior, get your sh*t together. That’s all I have to say.



Chanel, oh Chanel. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The set was nice? Oh I give up, the collection was boring. Now I understand that this is Virginie’s first independent Spring/Summer collection without any input from Karl, but I was still expecting more than this. If the woman worked with Karl for over 30 years as the main co-ordinator of all his ideas, then you should have some kind of understanding of the way in which fashion has developed and is developing in todays world. If your inspiration was the Parisian woman and the complete construction of her wardrobe, then why is a balloon sleeved denim two piece set with lace trim running through it even in your mind in the first place?

Each piece was either just a direct copy of every single Chanel show prior to now, or something that Chanel would never ever be associated with. I hate to dig at another artists work but it’s clear to see the panic and rush behind the collection and there’s no doubt in my mind that Virginie and the rest of the Chanel team didn’t feel complete or successful when finalising this ‘collection’ if you can even call it that. I think that the company needs time to really focus on the ways in which Karl was only just starting to direct the brand in a positive way just before his late death, and they need to be inspired once again by their own history and their position today and thus understand what message they want to put out. Image result for chanel intruder

As for the Youtuber Marie Benoliel managing to intrude on the show, enough to get escorted off from Gigi Hadid of all people, and become the most spoken about event of the entire Chanel show, this speaks volumes for how dry and unimaginative the show was. Not just for the drama of an imposter, that has happened on many occasions whether it be PETA activists at shows featuring real fur, or even cats strolling their way across the catwalk. When a car set on fire accidentally at one of McQueen’s old shows, people thought nothing of it because it was presumed to be a part of the show. A car sets on fire and nobody bats an eyelid whereas some random nobody walks onto the stage in an unprovoking manor and yet its headline news, what does that say about the show? What does that say about your clothes, your audience even? They walked away from a CHANEL show and all they had to talk about was a nobody. 

So, my overall opinion of this fashion week is that the Alexander McQueen brand is the only imaginative and inspiring thing that the fashion industry can clutch onto for dear life, everyone else needs to hire some exciting raw talent in order to provide a future for their brand and keep food on their tables for years to come. 

See you soon for a less ranty piece,

Sophie x

Freshers night out styling

Hello once again good readers! Today I’m back with the 5th segment of my Back To Uni series, which also means that it’s the final blog post of this series. Although I’ve had a great time writing, photographing, and general blogging over the past five days, I thought it was rightfully time to finish off this series with a well suited freshers night out styling post.

These outfits feature only 6 items and are an example of how many different looks you can get when interpreting each item differently (a dress can be a top if you try hard enough… at tucking it in without the bunching). These pieces were picked as examples as they all follow a similar colour scheme or tone, and are easy to interpret into your own wardrobe which you can obviously add in different elements into these outfits by mixing in layers, textures and colours. So, without any further rambling, here are some freshers week night out styling ideas.

Smart casual / last minute pub trip outfits

Kicking things off with some easy to create laid back outfits, here are a few examples of some quick and simple last minute ideas. Mainly consisting of t-shirts for versatility and trousers for the potential hairy legs or patchy tan if you’re conscious of that type of thing, simple pieces can go a long way with some added accessories like a mini bag or a chunky belt. If you’ve got some time to spare, you could even attempt to master ‘the tuck’ in which I glorify as the achievement of tucking in a long t-shirt, shirt or dress without that unflattering bunching that really kills the moment.

Something a bit more fancy

Feeling like you need a bit of TLC, maybe a dressed up cocktail night after a crying session over a tough day at uni? Here’s a few examples of some still chill yet slightly more dressed up looks that can be suited for a last minute girls night that has the potential to turn into a not-coming-home-until-the-morning night. A mesh top and jeans pairing is great for if you’re not feeling like showing any skin but you still want to look a bit fun, or alternatively you could opt for a classic t-shirt and dress combo for that extra 90’s look.

If it’s a big occasion or you just want to go full on

For if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, you’re going out out, or you’ve suddenly been invited to the same event as the lad you’ve been in love with for a whole 3 days, this is your solution. Like I said previously, any dress can be a top if you try hard enough, and if you’ve got a non figure-hugging skirt on top then it’s completely foolproof. Yet if you’re feeling like being a bit more bold and eye-catching, why not try mixing some prints? Sticking to the same colour palette always makes this process easier, and the smaller the print the simpler it is to intertwine with another.

So here you have it, this is the final segment of my Back To Uni series. It’s been a hell of a lot of writing and honestly I’m quite excited to have some time out for a whole week whilst I move to Leeds tomorrow and get settled into uni, but I’ll be back next Saturday with another fun blog post!

See you soon,

Sophie x

Formal flat shoes for any occasion

Hello again lovely people! As it’s now day 4 of my back to uni series, and we’ve explored everything from styling tips to figuring out what you even like in the first place, I thought we’d take it easy today with some fun and fancy flat shoes on ASOS that are minimal in any uncomfortable heels, yet still look super suitable for any formal occasion. I’ve tried to select a variety of different styles and colours, textures and materials, just in the hopes that you reading might find even just that one perfect pair that you could see yourself in.

ASOS Design Snaffle Loafer

Starting off with a classic black loafer, these babies are a must have for practically anyone on the planet. If you don’t already own a pair then this faux leather horse bit pair are the all round great option to add to your wardrobe. Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a slightly more put together look, or a matching suit to complete an already formal outfit. (£25)

ASOS Design Mae Western Shoes

These western style shoes were one of the first pairs I considered to add into this post, I mean just look at them! Suitable for either day or night wear, these shoes not only feel fancy, but also don’t include a huge heel like most traditional western style boots have. Comfort and style came together and made this pair you see right before your eyes. (£32)

ASOS Design Ludo Bow Ballet Flats

Ah yes now we’re all familiar with a simply ballet flat, however this particular pair are good for a super chic yet comfortable footwear choice. The patent material means that any rainy wedding won’t ruin these babies, yet they’re so well balanced with the textured bow on top without being too childish. (£18)

ASOS Design Bow Slingback Flats

Now for the more experimental cousin of the previous pair, we have these beautiful pink velvet sling backs. If you’re looking for a statement shoe to compliment a more laid back outfit, then this is the answer to your prayers. It would be super interesting to see these paired with a plain black midi dress or maybe even a full black suit, if that’s more to your taste. (£22)

ASOS Design Malta Mule Beige Croc

Now for my personal FAVOURITE pair which I’m most definitely contemplating buying for myself, we have these beige coloured faux croc mules with a super elegant tortoise shell buckle. This is the pair that would most definitely suit any colour palette, any outfit and any occasion, rain or shine, full day event or just there for the buffet kind of trip. (£22)

ASOS Design Sochi Slingback Mid Heels

If you’re a fan of Chanel’s more recent summer shows than this is the type of shoe that you might be interested in. This woven texture with the classic black toe and detailing is so reminiscent of some current Chanel pieces out right now, yet for a fraction of the price. These shoes would be a great late summer addition that you know will be still in style to wear for many summers to come! (£32)

ASOS Design Chunky Brogue In Green

Saving potentially the best for last, we have these Dr Marten-esque bottle green brogues that were way too good of a find to not include in this post. Suitable for any masculine or feminine taste, these shoes are a super great choice for any occasion you might have coming up. Even besides any formal events, these shoes are also a perfect pair for everyday use if you fancy something a bit more cool looking. (£30)

So there we have some of my top picked flat shoes for any formal occasion, or even just for some extra fancy day to day wear. I hope that you’ve found at least that one perfect pair that you might consider investing in, especially as party season is coming closer and closer!

Sophie x

5 jean-less smart casual uni outfits

Hello again lovely people, today I’m back with another uni post that was very recommended from my recent poll. A few of you were suggesting that I do an autumnal, comfy yet ‘put together’ look-book that would be suitable for university days and maybe even a cheeky bite to eat afterwards. So, here’s an attempt at some formal yet practical outfits that can be taken with a pinch of salt to work for your own taste and style.

1. 60’s meets Chef Ramsay

The t-shirt and trousers combo: a classic. Any structured trousers give off the illusion of being wide awake when you got dressed that morning, whilst also remaining quite comfortable and warm for the more windy days. A t-shirt keeps it casual and relaxed, yet this particular pairing keeps the whole look balanced and doesn’t give off the idea that you tried to hard (even though you probs did for the first day and never to be repeated for your entire academic year). Gingham is optional, cute t-shirt is compulsory.

2. Don’t forget your ID with this youthful outfit

Although it’s undeniable that you’ll look at least 7 years younger in this outfit, I’d say a pinafore is definitely a student essential. When you’re too tired to think of a cohesive outfit, put a pinafore over any jumper for a quick and easy outfit without any fancy stuff, whilst also keeping warm and practical.

3. Turtleneck for added Autumn

Now it wouldn’t be autumn if I didn’t chuck in a turtleneck here and there now would it? This calls for the perfect time to grab your summer dresses that you’ve been clenching into for these past few breezy weeks. Any neckline of dress could work for this combo, but I’d particularly recommend something strappy so that you don’t end up sweating to death in your first lecture, gotta keep all potential dilemmas to a minimum.

4. The Doctor tribute act

Is this an interpretation of Jodie Whittaker’s role as The Doctor? Am I trying to get in the tutors good books by literally copying her wardrobe? It’s debatable, but one thing that’s for sure is that you can’t go wrong with a shirt and skirt combo. Minus the patent coat and the ridiculously tiny bag in comparison to your stash of brand new stationery, this is completely a wearable look that could be suited to anyone. Switch the corduroy midi skirt for a denim skirt, tuck in a shirt of your choice and you’re good to go.

5. Business at the top, party at the bottom

A polo or button up shirt is a must have in every wardrobe as it’s suitable for any occasion, yet paired with an item that you might consider to be ‘not dressy enough’ and you’ve got the perfect balance of comfy yet formal. These flared trousers, although hella cute, do in fact resemble a pair of pyjama bottoms (and if it’s a hungover morning, that will most definitely add to the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look). However, this combo creates a super wearable yet chic look.

A pro tip, monochrome of any colour always looks put together, so if you’re struggling to piece an outfit together by item, try mixing it up with colours from a similar colour palette.

Well this was my 5 back to uni styling ideas that I hope you’ve enjoyed! These outfits can be translated into your own wardrobe to suit your own pieces and taste, so I hope you’ve got some ideas brewing for what to wear for your first week!

Sophie x

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