3 outfits for 3 days in London

London baby! If you’d already guessed from the multitude of instagram posts this week, I spent Monday-Wednesday in the capital for a uni residential trip with a bunch of course mates. It was a trip dedicated to getting us all inspired and motivated to start designing some fun garments as part of our current module,Continue reading “3 outfits for 3 days in London”

Shrimps X Warehouse Review

Hello everyone! This warm April morning has brought us some gorgeous sunshine, a buzz for the bank holiday weekend, and also the official launch of the Shrimps X Warehouse collaboration. The basis of this collaboration is a Spring/Summer capsule collection that has all you’d ever need for your summer holiday, or even just for someContinue reading “Shrimps X Warehouse Review”

Molly Goddard

Who is Molly Goddard? Molly Goddard is an upcoming British contemporary designer who has built up her self-titled fashion label ‘Molly Goddard’ over the last few years. Her work is very heavily inspired by the outfits her mother and grandmother would make for her as a child, and she still gets her references from oldContinue reading “Molly Goddard”

Did EDDA GIMNES really do that?

If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion tea this weekend, you may have heard about Moschino’s Spring 2019 RTW show being publicly called out as a fraud. The entire show and it’s illustrative concept has been discovered to be an almost identical rip off of the designer Edda Gimnes’ unique designs, who had previouslyContinue reading “Did EDDA GIMNES really do that?”

Topshop x Stranger Things collection review

Unless for some reason you are literally stuck in a parallel universe, you would have heard that the second season of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things has finally been released. The show itself is a perfect concoction of thrilling sci-fi goodness, childhood nostalgia and of course, early 80’s fashion. I like to think ofContinue reading “Topshop x Stranger Things collection review”