20 years of fashion

(Well, 19 years and 11 months.) Hello everyone, I’m back again with a more personal blog piece today. As of the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes (as always, but this time in a different way) and more particularly the way in which my own clothes reflect on myself as aContinue reading “20 years of fashion”

How to build a capsule wardrobe

Hello guys! As well as last week’s blog post on my designer wishlist being super requested, you were also very keen to see a capsule wardrobe themed post, so I thought I’d discuss that today. I’ve spent the past few years learning the capsule lifestyle both from reading and listening to others talk about theContinue reading “How to build a capsule wardrobe”

2019 designer wish-list

Hello everyone! Earlier this week I put a poll on my Instagram for you to pick whether you’d like to see a capsule wardrobe guide or a designer wish-list, and you all seemed to be super enthusiastic too see the wish-list! I’m always super curious about what other people would dream of owning and ifContinue reading “2019 designer wish-list”

2020 fashion predictions: 100 years since the 1920’s

Hello everyone, today I wanted to discuss a topic that has been on my mind recently since the sudden realisation has hit me that we are already halfway through 2019! It made me start to think about not just what to expect for next years trends, but also the next decades. Particularly, I began toContinue reading “2020 fashion predictions: 100 years since the 1920’s”

Tips for shopping second hand

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been getting a few messages relating to my last blog post about shopping second hand, specifically from those who often struggle to find anything nice in charity shops or on Depop. So, after today’s excursions with a lot of shopping, I’ve been coming up with some tips on shopping second handContinue reading “Tips for shopping second hand”

Should you feel guilty for shopping on the high street?

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to speak about a topic that has been on my mind quite frequently over the past few months in particular, and that is the question ‘should we feel guilty for buying into fast fashion?’. There are so many pros and cons to excluding or reducing the amount you buy fromContinue reading “Should you feel guilty for shopping on the high street?”

What I’ve been working on – FMP Foundation 2019

Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed from my Instagram page, this week was the opening of the summer show at my college. The personal viewing was on Wednesday night with many friends and family arriving to see what my friends and I have been creating over the past few months. Just forContinue reading “What I’ve been working on – FMP Foundation 2019”

Reinventing the clothes you already own.

In 2019 we as a population are thinking of more ways to protect our environment and become as sustainable as we can. As of this, people are slowing down their own shopping cycles or even cutting out fast fashion all together, instead relying on what they already own in order to maintain an ethical wardrobe.Continue reading “Reinventing the clothes you already own.”

The festival dress code

It’s that time of the year again where summer is just around the corner and we’re all getting excited for the upcoming events. You may be attending a festival this year, maybe even two or three if you’re into it, but do you know what to pack yet? What will the weather be like? What’sContinue reading “The festival dress code”

Rihanna’s Fenty launch with LVMH

Rihanna has became the newest partner of the LVMH franchise (the Disney of fashion in a way) meaning that her newly debuted fashion line ‘Fenty’ will have a bright future, sitting at the same table as fellow LVMH invested brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. She’s made history as the first woman to createContinue reading “Rihanna’s Fenty launch with LVMH”